Message from NASA acting administrator Steve Zurczyk and senior White House appointment Bhavya Lal

Message from NASA Acting Administrator Steve Jurczyk and Senior White House Appointee Bhavya Lal

Status report from: NASA Headquarters
Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2021

As we begin this next chapter for NASA, we would like to thank Jim Bridenstein and Jim Morhard for their service and leadership of the agency through the many major successes and formidable challenges of the past few years.

We also did not understand how every civil servant and contractor has taken steps to advance NASA’s mission for the health, safety and well-being of the entire team. NASA represents America at its best, and the best of American values: hard work, determination, and ingenuity. And this agency has proven, time and again, that anything is possible when we come together, break barriers, create opportunities, and imagine a new tomorrow.

We are facing a public health crisis, economic challenges and unprecedented challenges with people suffering from racial injustice and inequality in our country today. And all of us – as Americans and as public servants – are asked to face those challenges.

The Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, combating climate change, and creating economic opportunities for all Americans is genuine – and we all have a role in turning that commitment into action. At NASA, we embrace diversity as we understand that diverse opinions, backgrounds, and perspectives create a rich environment that promotes innovation and personal development. Every difference of opinion, background or perspective is an opportunity to learn and build relationships in the workplace that will make us stronger as an agency and as individuals. In this way we go through difficult times. It is also how we achieve missions of unique complexity and ambition that inspire the world.

New members of the NASA leadership team join us and we prepare for an exciting future, we want everyone to know the following:

Your safety, dignity and right to see, hear and respect is paramount

Your contribution to the NASA mission is critical to our success

Your hard work and any challenge we face will remain the key to help us move forward.

We have some initial appointments from the new administration: Alicia Brown has been named NASA’s Associate Administrator for Legislative Affairs and Intergovernmental Affairs (OLIA), and Mark will be the Associate Administrator for Atkind Communications. Please join us in welcoming them to the NASA family. There will be other newcomers coming to the headquarters, and we will communicate these events with you.

We are excited about the opportunities that await us- Perseverance Mars Landing; Next Launch America Mission; Our focus on the study of our home planet; And the return of American astronauts to the lunar surface, and then to Mars. All of this, and much more, will be accomplished with an incredible team of civil servants, contractors and partners that we call the NASA family.

Stay safe and keep looking for each other. Together, we can and will achieve great things.

Steve jurski

Acting administrator


Bhav Lal

Senior White House officials

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