Mercury Retrograde visits the Thanksgiving dinner

Every time the planet Mercury seems to move in reverse or becomes what is known as retrograde (it does not really move backwards, it seems that it does), the internet and social networks see a series of articles and memes that proclaim the extreme Traps The reality is that this astrological "climate" is not very different from navigating every day in climatic situations. If the meteorologists tell us it's going to rain, we remember to take an umbrella and maybe wear rain boots that day. If snow is forecast, we prepare according to it: melted ice, shovels, buying the ubiquitous bread and milk.

Those who pay attention to what happens astrologically, and many pagans do so from the lunar cycles and other astrological influences play a role in their religious or magical practices. This year we will not only deal with the pranks of the full moon, but Mercury is retrograde during Thanksgiving. It is said that mercury governs communications, mechanical devices and electronics, among other things. Since the last presidential election, there has been a series of articles that cite the dangers of family vacation meetings when the discussion is directed to politics. If a Mercury Retrograde is injected, the chances of lack of communication increase.

The Wild Hunt approached a pair of astrologers for advice on how to best use Mercury energies to have a festive meal that is civil and enjoyable, even if it is not completely free of drama. Each offered their own unique perspectives.

Diotima Mantineia de Urania & # 39; s Well provided us with this list of what to do and what not to do:

Do not do it

  • Let's suppose that people have all the information they need. Recheck the plans: time, place, expectations.
  • Be dogmatic. Everyone has their opinions. Consider that it may not be absolutely necessary for you to express yours.
  • Discuss religion or politics It will not go well. Trust me in this.
  • He jokes about things that other people take seriously.


  • Take the long view and the high road. There is no need to get caught up in insignificant things.
  • Be open to honest discussions. Mercury Rx can be a good time to review social or family situations that have been simmering in the back and have them resolved. (But remember – long view, high road.)
  • Listen carefully when others are talking. It may surprise you what you learn.
  • Count your blessings.

Mantineia also observed: "Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius on Thanksgiving, which can mean communication failures, travel interruptions and serious outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease on a day when most of us are reunited with family and friends. But it can also lead to interesting conversations and real advances in family or group dynamics. "

Ivo Dominguez Jr., who has written several books on astrology, offered the following suggestions:

  • Cook, prepare work and travel all day before Thanksgiving.
  • Adopt a breeze, schedules do not matter, go with the flow attitude.
  • Pay attention to the sensual joy of food and the warmth that comes from feeling connected.
  • Encourage the exchange of stories, shared experiences and complain about those that are counted for the umpteenth time.
  • If things get off the rails a little, do not worry, as the astrology of the day will make it harder to keep things bad. It is good to be ambivalent.
  • Remember the power of your imagination, creativity and compbadion.
  • Each holiday is also full of possibilities to create a better way to move forward together.

Dominguez, Jr. continued to highlight some of the other astrological aspects that come into play on Thanksgiving,

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"The Sun enters Sagittarius early in the day and Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is in his Sign. La Luna is in Tauro, an excellent location, but, of course, it's empty all day. It's also almost the full moon too. Thanksgiving Day in the US UU It's a party full of stress possibilities and complicated expectations. Some of you may have additional fear because Mercury is currently retrograde. Everything is not lost nor is it terrible. "

The Sun that enters Sagittarius generally offers a joyful energy, and with the expansion of Jupiter, can help to compensate some of the possible family conflicts. The meaning of a Moon empty of course (which means that it has no direct aspect to any other astrological body), is that people are less likely to remember what was said or, at least, lose part or all of the impact if the comments were particularly emotionally charged. The fact that the Moon is in Taurus, a sign that can promote comfort, pleasure and safety, can also help to silence the stress of the day.

While both Mantineia and Dominguez, Jr. offer slightly different perspectives, both emphasize being self-aware, not taking on too much, either physically or emotionally, and changing our focus to enjoy the food and the company we are surrounded by. and planned in advance. .

Mercury retrograde that occurs during Thanksgiving is not the end of the world. It is like any other "weather" and can be planned if we pay attention, as we should when driving in a car in the rain or snow. Mantineia has a complete article on its website that details how to work better with Mercury Retrograde, no matter when it appears. However, we chose to celebrate the holiday, it is a day reserved to thank. Even if we're just grateful when it's over.

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