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Mercedes runs W10 with livery updated for the first time

Mercedes unveiled its 2019 car, the W10, with an updated decoration, while a shakedown was held at Silverstone.

The new car ran at the home of the British Grand Prix on Wednesday as part of a promotional day, with limited equipment to 100 km (62 miles) with special Pirelli tires. After the W10 successfully completed its first laps with Valtteri Bottas at the wheel, Mercedes launched images of the car with the task of defending the drivers and constructors' championships this year.

While there are new aerodynamic regulations to contend with, Mercedes says that "the overall architecture and wheelbase remain the same" as the W09, with technical director James Allison highlighting an evolutionary approach.

"A detailed inspection will reveal that the execution of this concept has been further refined," said Allison. "Each element is pressed more, it gets thinner, each change allows us to improve the aerodynamic performance beyond what would have been possible if we had accepted the physical limitations of the 2018 design."

And Allison says that the W10 is also designed to be more efficient with the use of tires, something that was not always a force of Mercedes in 2018.

F1 W10 EQ Power + Shakedown, Silverstone

"The handling of the W09 was a great improvement over the W08, quite idiosyncratic. We managed to be competitive on the tracks that had plagued us in recent years. However, despite this improvement, we were not as good as some of our competitors to preserve the performance of the rear tires.

"We have worked hard on suspension and aerodynamic features to deliver a car that is much nicer with its tires, enough, we hope, to allow us to be competitive in all phases of the race and in every track of the calendar."

"Although the minimum weight limit was raised by 10 kg by 2019, the weight reduction remains a real challenge for the current generation of F1 cars.The components that we felt were extracted to the bone in 2018 were taken, one by one, and they underwent a new round of aggressive analysis to further reduce their weight.

"Some components yield what feels like a giant step of half a kilo, others only a few grams, but collectively each of these victories adds to a handful of kilos that have been invested in the car in aerodynamics, suspension and drive. power to bring performance. "

Lewis Hamilton will also shake the car on Wednesday afternoon, while Red Bull will have to carry out a similar shakedown at Silverstone at the same time.

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