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Mercedes reveals her challenger 2019

It is the car that will face all the other teams during the winter tests of 2019, but before heading to Barcelona, ​​the Mercedes W10 arrived at the track in Silverstone on Wednesday for its first run, with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas ready to play. behind the wheel.

Although the team has to comply with the rules of "promotional events" to run the car, limiting them to just 100 kilometers with super-hard demo tires, the private shakedown images will give F1 fans a tempting look at the car that , if it is the last Five seasons are anything to pass, it will be the one that will expire in 2019.

Before the W10 took to the track at Silverstone, Mercedes launched a series of digital images of the car they hope will lead them to a sixth consecutive victory in the constructors' championship.

GALLERY: All the angles of the Mercedes W10 F1 car

File number: M182609

The Mercedes 2018 car, the W09, helped Lewis Hamilton to the fifth driver title of his career, and his fourth with Mercedes, while in the hands of Hamilton and Bottas, Mercedes achieved its fifth consecutive title of constructors, against Feroz competition of the main rivals Ferrari.

But although the book of form seems to favor the Silver Arrows that enter the new season, before the tests in Barcelona, ​​Team Director Mercedes, Toto Wolff, tried to minimize expectations, especially with a new set of rules aerodynamics that govern the design of 2019 cars.

"Since 2017, it's the second time we've had a major reorganization in regulations," Wolff said. "Everything has been restored, all teams have the opportunity to produce a front car and I am personally very excited to see how some of the teams are coming out and if we were able to maintain our position in the front.

"Five double championships is much more than we would have expected, but each season starts with zero points. There is nothing, there is no credit that can take from the previous seasons to a new one, and that is why we embrace each year with the same motivation and hunger as in all seasons. "

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