Mentor and the latest Tomb Raider highlight January’s free PS Plus game

Sony has announced its January lineup of games that are free for PS Plus customers.

From January 5, you will be able to get only version of PS5 Man eaterGame them to eat that PolygonChris Plante described in his entertaining review as “the best shark game ever …?”, As well as two other PS4 games, Greedfall And Tomb shadow Both of which are playable on the PS5. Unfortunately, the PS4 version Man eater Not available to those who have not yet made the leap to the PS5, so PS4 owners get just two games this month. This bundle will no longer be available after February 1, 2021.

Sony seems to have established a formula for its monthly batch of complimentary games, with one PS5 game as the highlight and two PS4 games to round it up (and some small gifts for those who haven’t yet) Is to keep out) PS5). Talk about PS5 games, then go ahead and download Bugsnax For free when you can, it will no longer be available as a perk for PS Plus customers after January 4.

We don’t usually know what will happen in each monthly collection of games, but Sony has already shared that its Destruction AllStarsCombat vehicles with delayed console launch dates will have a February freebie for the PS5.

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