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Mental health is the number one problem for Queensland youth

Mental health has become the main problem for Queensland youth for the first time, according to a national survey.

In its 16th year, the Mission Australia Youth Survey identified mental health, alcohol and drugs, equity and discrimination according to the problems that Queensland youth considered most important in Australia.

About a third of young people identified mental health as a national concern, more than double since 2015, and topped the list for the first time in Queensland.

Many of the major personal interest issues for Queensland youth related to mental health; dealing with stress, school or study problems, body image and depression.

Mental health was also identified as one of the barriers to achieving work or after-school study goals for 15.6 percent of girls compared to 5.7 percent of girls. children.

Inala's teenager Lenesha Duncan said it was important for the young people to know that they were not alone.

Lenesha, 16, said that young people could feel lonely and intimidated when they finished high school, and it was important for them to know they could communicate.

Consciousness would help, so I would let all the children know, letting each young person know that you are not the only one going through this, "he said.

" There are other people of your age who pass by. for the same problem that you "19659002]" [And] is definitely not thinking of you, but thinking of others "

Lenesha, who graduated last year last year, said he hoped to study paramedics and his diploma. in nursing at the university next year.

But L enesha, who works in the traditional Aboriginal dance group of her family, said that young people were often challenged financially with the difficulties of balancing work and studying

"We're expected to go to college, but without money, I'm facing that problem, I might not be able to go to college because economically I can not afford it," he said.

More than 4,500 Queensland residents of between 15 and 19 years old, and 24 .055 nationally, they participated in the Youth Survey of Mission Australia 2017.

The director of Mission Australia Queensland, Darren Young, said that important work was already being done to destigmatize mental health problems and that young people were increasingly aware of the impacts of mental health.

"However, the fact that mental health has become the main national concern for young people, reinforces that much more needs to be done," he said.

Young said young people in Queensland needed a coordinated, comprehensive and cohesive response to ensure they can access adequate mental health support when needed.

"It makes sense to invest in universal mental health programs in schools, as well as community-based mental health services, and design services with youth to make sure they are youth-friendly," he said.

"This report tells us that many young people facing challenges turn to friends and family members for support."

"These family and friends need to know how to navigate the disconcerting variety of services and information sources that are available, and receive specific information about & # 39; mental health first aid & # 39; and other practical supports that exist. "

About half of respondents in Queensland said they felt there would be barriers to achieving their study or work goals, with the three main barriers, academic ability, financial difficulty and income or work requirements.

three main sources of help for young people in Queensland were friends, couple and then a relative or friend of the family.

When asked how positive they felt about the future, more than six out of 10 young people in Queensland felt very positive or positive, while less than one in 10 felt very negative or negative.

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