Memo: Can Pence run in 2024 and win?

Vice President Pence is in the top class of 2024 GOP contenders as the Trump era nears its end.

The Republican Party fully expects Pence to be a candidate in 2024, until Trump runs again.

Pence’s candidacy will have clear assets. Pence has rendered loyal service to Trump over the past four years, even with his personal contributions several miles away from the president.

Theoretically, this would enable Pence to hold onto the Trump base, appealing for more expansion. Pence’s boosters believe he could have fared better in the November election with white, college-educated suburban voters who split from Trump.

But while it is likely to be prevalent, the GOP has a lot of doubts.

Skeptics question each column of the pro-Pence argument.

They are doubtful about their opportunity to get Trump voters in their favor in the Republican primaries, especially if other candidates are competing for the same swat of voters.

Pence’s chances of holding “Maga Country” against more colorful celebrities like Sen. Ted cruiseRafael (Ted) Edward Krueggor Clooney sees Trump as the ‘charismatic carnival barker’ Barr leaving behind an anti-inheritance over DOJ Sen. Election Tubevaril explains that he will try to back the challenge. (R-Texas) or Florida Government. Ron DecentisRon DeSantisOusted Florida health scientist said the state goes viral for the Queens line to return seized gear to the raid in DeSantis, Florida to prioritize seniors for the next vaccine dose. (R), doing the best, they say.

Conversely, while Pangs has an advantage in a Republican primary in the deep-rooted evangelical movement, his socially conservative strain of Christianity may limit his appeal to liberal voters.

It is doubtful whether college-educated suburbanites will rally for a man with a deeply conservative view of LGBT issues and who refuses to dine alone with a woman other than his wife.

More broadly, the question is whether Pence actually has the charisma and pizazz to make a successful presidential bid of his own.

He won six terms as the Indiana Congressman and served one term as state governor. But his performance in that one statewide election in 2012 was hardly spectacular. He won his race for GOP presidential candidate by 3 points on the same day Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt Romneybipertisson, bicameral group urges Trump to sign COVID-19 relief package, Trump’s pardon exposes another gap in the US legal system Leading Indiana by almost 9 points.

“It’s going to be a jammed area and that doesn’t really wow-ed anyone. They haven’t really distinguished themselves,” said a GOP strategist to openly discuss Pence’s anonymity. Requested.

Suspecting Pence’s ability to maintain a coalition of Trump’s endorsements, the strategist said: “He is not populist. He was put on the ticket because he is a Christian conservative – that’s his lane. But Ted Cruz was the last The bars came very close to winning from there, and he was not exempted. So Pence would have to prove that he could beat Ted in his game, which is not easy to do. “

Pence’s White House ambitions are muted due to the complexities of the present moment.

Trump is constantly lying that he won this year’s election.

Pence, in turn, has sought to provide support for his boss, while not getting too deeply into the specifics of what should be done.

At a conference of the young conservative group Turning Point USA on Tuesday, Pence insisted that “the electoral contest continues” and that the Trump team would keep fighting until every legal vote was counted. We will keep fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out.

However, despite such public announcements of support, Axios reported on Tuesday that Trump had become angry with many in his inner circle – including Pence, whom the president allegedly felt was “enough for him Not as tough. “

All of this makes it impossible for Pence to clearly position himself for 2024.

Many Republicans say it is important to underestimate Pence’s chances, all being equal.

“It all depends on whether Donald TrumpDonald TrumpPowell says White House aides won’t help him. Trump judges out GOP lawsuit to close Georgia’s ballot drop box after business hours, bipartisan group calls Trump for COVID-19 relief package Urged to sign Runs but obviously [Pence] There is support from social conservatives and fiscal conservatives – plus being a vice president of Donald Trump for four years is a real bonus, ”said GOP strategist Ford O’Connell. “He is a very strong candidate.”

Matt Gacowiec, a Texas GOP president, said he believed Pence was going to be a major factor in 2024. He has a national profile, and he is going to be able to raise money. He could hold Trump’s base while reaching out more widely. “

However, there are other complications for Pence. He was the head of administration on the Coronovirus Task Force. The White House’s response to the epidemic has been widely criticized and even though most of the blame has been accrued to Trump, Pence’s involvement may be an obligation.

GOP strategists who wanted to remain anonymous also pointed out that loyalty to Trump was only likely to gain any 2024 candidate so far, noting that other figures who serve or have served in the administration also Expected to run widely.

Secretary of State Mike pompeoPompeo-Pompeo’s wife tests positive for COVID-19: Report Pompeo: US advises bomb sales to Saudi Peacock to establish diplomatic post for Western Sahara Trump administration And former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) Helipat Robertson says Trump lives in ‘alternative reality’ and Biden will be President Lara Trump’s leading Republican Republican Senate Poll Memo in 2022: Trump led for longer than 2024 The two names are mentioned most often.

“I think Pence is going to run, but the race is going to be near Haley, it’s going to be near Pompeo,” the strategist said.

“This will be the end of Bush’s presidency and the likes of Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld.

The memo is a reported column of the Niall Stanage.


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