Members of the Craven County Church meet to celebrate the discovery of Casey Hathaway


COUNTY OF CRAVEN, NC (WITN) – A Craven County church has been the focus of Casey Hathaway's full search and on Friday night, the community met again at New Haven Church to thank Casey Hathaway, three years old, who was found with lifetime.

Casey Hathaway stays at CarolinaEast Medical Center after spending three days missing in the forests of Craven County.
The three-year-old boy was found Thursday night. Many people gathered to celebrate that they found him safe and alive on Friday night in a church near the search area.

Celebration songs echoed throughout the area for Casey Hathaway. Almost a day after the three-year-old boy was found, a prayer wall was answered inside the New Haven Church. Pastor Paul Jackson said: "When I learned that this child was alive, it was a moment of joy."

The Church of New Haven served as the center of operations during the three-day search for Casey Hathaway. It was a place of rest for volunteers and professional seekers. The people of Friday met to thank Casey for his return. "It is an ineffable joy," said Pastor Jackson.

Casey's aunt, Breanna Hathaway, also came to the church, giving thanks to those who prayed. She said: "If you gave him a second of your time praying, or being here, or bringing food, his family appreciates him more than anything."

As the three years recover, the Hathaway family is asking for privacy, but Breanna Hathaway wanted the people of New Haven Church to know what their support has meant to the family. She said: "At a time like this, when it seems that it is not good, you have all been our good."

Casey Hathaway is expected to leave the hospital on Saturday.

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