Members of the Boogaloo group say that armed capital rallies will “continue”

A group that plans to hold armed rallies in Washington, DC, as well as state capitals since November, intends to carry out their events on Sunday, despite an unprecedented effort to secure the Capitol.

While supporters of President Donald Trump ravaged the Capitol in violent riots when five dead were left, authorities have set up massive security mechanisms around the campus, where President Elect Joe Biden will take oath on 20 January. FBI warns law enforcement this week About a group calling on its supporters to come to Washington, DC and the state capitals, equipped with their “personal discretion”.

This special call for armed protesters is to post on 24 November a website called Tree of Liberty, an online forum for members of the extremist anti-government boogaloo movement. The online flyer posted that day that armed marches on Capitol Hill and all state capitalsJanuary 17 was planned and intended to be peaceful, but encouraged participants “to come armed at their personal discretion.” In a follow-up posted four days after rioters dissolved the Capitol – some of whom prosecutors now say were intended to harm the vice-president and other elected officials – the group wrote that it was opposed “pending The situation happened in “place.”

But in an email to CBS News on Friday, an administrator for the website wrote that the group now intends to take on the planned. As a press contact for the CBS News Group, the Tree of Liberty had reached an email address listed on the website.

“1/17 incidents will continue, and there are safety measures in place to ensure that nothing violent happens in relation to the Booghoo Boys. I cannot speak on behalf of the Proud Boys or MAGA people, and we made it clear that we Won’t see it. They there, “said press contacts, who did not identify themselves. The Proud Boys are another group of far-right supporters of President Trump.

The Anti-Defamation League, an advocacy group, describes the ideology of the Boogaloo movement as “predominantly anti-government, anti-right and anti-police in nature”. Since 2019, members of the group have participated in rallies around gun rights, pandemic restrictions and police-related killings, according to the ADL.

The Justice Department described the Boogaloo movement as “an interconnected group of people who violently spy anti-government sentiments” A December 16, 2020 press release announced that a Boogelu member had entered a guilty plea to conspiracy by the US government to provide material support to Hamas, a terrorist organization. Another member of the group has been charged in the case and pleaded not guilty.

In June 2020, a US Air Force Sergeant was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing Santa Cruz, a Federal Protective Services officer and a California sheriff deputy. When he was arrested, investigators discovered slogans written in his own blood that linked him to the Boogaloo movement, according to a federal complaint.

In the days preceding the inauguration, 25,000 troops will be stationed in and around the Capitol, with the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department, Capitol Police and law enforcement from cities across the country.

In the right chats and forums on Telegram, Me. Wade and Disord – both open and inviting-only popular forums for extremist discussion – users have warned each other against participation in the January 17 protests. Many have accused the organizers of helping to “trap” federal officials.

The Administrator of the Tree of Liberty said the group is actually in contact with federal law enforcement, despite its anti-government ideology.

“We have made it clear that we are working with the authorities, who are planning to make anyone violent and want to ensure that they intervene before the incident,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, if I had a choice, I don’t want to get involved with law enforcement. I don’t have that option anymore. I was docked, and now I either comply or go to jail, “He says. said. “Doxxed” refers to a practice in which a person’s personal or personal identity information is published on the Internet by strangers in an attempt to encourage harassment.

The FBI refused to answer questions about the claim that its investigators were in contact with the Tree of Liberty.

A company hosting the server of the Tree of Liberty website shut down on Wednesday. Those who try to visit the site are now automatically sent to a YouTube page, which plays a music video of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”.


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