Melania Trump’s unprecedented campaign trail absence inside.

A woman who knows the first lady told CNN Melania Trump what she often does: everything she feels.

Trump’s friend and former administration official said that he is the one who is Trump’s place to live, while other surrogates and family members deal with packed schedules in battlegrounds.

Another former White House staffer said “she does what she wants, when she wants … she can do the opposite”.

The campaign has demanded his presence. But with an election of less than two weeks and no scheduled schedule likely, this first lady will engage in any significant way. This is in contrast to almost all modern first women, many of whom played an important role in female voters humanizing their husbands.

Citing a “abundance of caution” and a “lethargic cough” after her fight with Kovid-19 on Tuesday, Trump supported a planned appearance to present with her husband at a Pennsylvania rally.

It will be the first women’s first large-scale, public campaign event since June 2019. The rally was the first time the first woman was seen in Ohio since September 29, where she attended the presidential debate for the first time.

Melania Trump has never been comfortable in the public eye and is not a bliss in the campaign journey a woman has worked with the first lady. Trump prefers to stay at home and be present for his son Barone.

A source familiar with the hiring of the first woman from Kovid-19, who was diagnosed earlier this month, says Trump’s voluntary downtime is due to his illness.

A White House official says, “I’m not sure why he is being criticized for caring for himself and his son when he was both testing positive for coronovirus.”


Melania Trump plans to attend the rally on Tuesday citing Kovid's recovery

Trump’s reluctance for members of the Trump campaign, according to two campaign sources, has been a frustrating concept at times., Talking to voters as the first woman has historically been the most compelling and effective method of surrogacy.

“It’s certainly not a question of ‘Does the Trump campaign want Melania Trump to show up?” “Said a source familiar with campaign operations.” She wants and needs. It’s just that she doesn’t do them. ”

Earlier this fall, when asked when the first woman would perform the campaign, campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley said: “The first woman is an incredible asset to the country, the president, and the campaign. We are the first women team to determine that Communicating with. The best ways he can move forward. ”

There was never any incident.

CNN has reached out to Gidley for comment on any of the first female possible incidents.

The absence of the first lady has been a topic of discussion among some of the campaign circles, however, the lack of participation is not particularly of concern to the president himself, according to someone familiar with how he has responded.

“She knows him well that when she doesn’t want to do something, it’s not like she or anyone else is going to change her mind,” the source said.

The White House requested for comment for the Trump 2020 campaign.

In 2016, the arguments for Melania Trump’s participation on the road were equally consistent. After that, she said that her priority was caring for her 10-year-old son. Trump was given a rude pass because he did not make prolific speeches or title funds.

The occasional wave or brief greeting to snag at a Trump rally became satisfying for a campaign struggling to help voters understand who their candidate actually was behind the scenes, something a spouse might offer during the election cycle .

Someone who worked in a senior position in the 2016 Trump campaign says, “The answer was ‘no’ many times asking us to answer him, so we finally stopped asking.” All of that is no different until 2020. “Anyone, anytime, he will be a rock star,” says a source familiar with the campaign’s strategy.

Hitting the mark?

Melania Trump details Kovid's illness and reveals that son Barone contracted her

After Trump’s abrupt cancellation on Tuesday, a source familiar with the first lady’s program told CNN that a “rain date” had not been given. On Wednesday, Trump’s Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham told CNN that Trump does, in fact, have campaign dates on his calendar.

“He plans to travel with the president and do a solo campaign next week,” Grisham said.

According to Grisham, having an appearance next week means that the first woman is doing so with a week or less until election day.

This can be a tight window for effectiveness.

Kate Anderson Browne, author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” says, “A lot of Americans have already voted, but as we’ve seen, much of it is a voting game. ” “So no, I don’t think it would be too late for her to have some impact if she goes out now. She may be able to activate Trump voters who are no longer enamored with her like they once were Were.”

The browser calls attention to the historically unprecedented nature of Trump’s invisibility on the campaign trail.

“The only modern example that comes to mind is Jackie Kennedy, who was pregnant during the campaign. Because she had a difficult pregnancy in the past because she didn’t do much publicity in 1960. However, she did not use the magazine when she could. Did photo shoots and interviews. ” said.

Trump has not conducted a single magazine interview with an American publication during his tenure in the White House. His last significant television interview took place more than two years ago.

“Interviews are similar to publicity,” the friend and former administration official said. “She has an opinion about what she does and when or why. It’s not for lack of public interest or requests, it’s that she doesn’t want to engage.”

When she finally participates in a campaign event, she will follow the pattern she chose in 2016, where she made her longest speech ever in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, five days before the election. And for campaign appearances after a gap of four months.

His comment included a message about communication: “We need to find a better way of talking to each other,” she said.


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