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Melania Trump tells the children that their Christmas dream will be on a "desert island"

First Lady Melania Trump does not want much for Christmas, there's only one thing she needs. She does not care about the gifts under the White House Christmas tree. She just wants to be alone, more than you could know. Make your wish come true: all you want for Christmas … is to be on a desert tropical island.

The first lady was visiting patients, families and staff members at the Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC, on Thursday, when she let slip her ideal vacation plans. The visit, a tradition dating back more than 60 years to Bess Truman, began with a tour of the hospital's neuroscience center, after which Trump, accompanied by Alena Sydnor, 25, and Damian Contreras, age 7, both Patients at Children's National Hospital, joined Santa on stage to read the classic Caldecott winner of Chris Van Allsburg.

"If you could spend your holidays anywhere in the world, where would you go?" Asked Andy, a 10-year-old patient. hospital, after Trump read The Polar Express to patients gathered in the atrium of the hospital.

The first lady, dressed in a long-sleeved cream dress, wrapped in a cream coat and flanked by Santa himself, considered Andy's question.

"I would spend my vacations on a desert island, on a tropical island," said the first lady. "With my family".

"I was so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with the children and their families today, and I want to thank the Children's National medical staff for their job of saving lives," Trump, who as first lady has committed to supporting children's problems, combating cyber bullying and aggressively postmodern interior lighting.

"The holidays are a time of hope, love, traditions and family, and it is my wish that everyone can celebrate them in good health with their loved ones," he continued. "Many of the patients and families that I have visited today can not spend their holidays at home this year, so I ask everyone to have them in their thoughts and prayers while we await a speedy recovery and a happy New Year."

The first Lady has been a fervent supporter of the holiday season during her husband's time in office. The presentation of the Christmas decorations of the White House provoked a national dialogue on the importance of the descending lighting, and encouraged even Babadooks to join the Christmas spirit.

Pressed by a girl named Sammy, the first lady also said that she would ask Santa Claus for "peace in the world, health, love, [and] kindness".

President Donald Trump and the first lady plan to spend their vacations at Mar-a-Lago, their Palm Beach property, which is, technically, on an island.

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