Melania Trump did not want to be first lady: report


Melania Trump did not want to become the first lady "come to hell or on high", a friend of the Trump told Vanity Fair.

"This is not something she wanted and it's not something [ Donald Trump Donald John Trump" Malley tells Dems not to fear Trump Right and wrong Five things he should to know about the controversy over elephant trophies MORE ] She once thought she would win … She did not want this to come bad or high water, "the friend told the magazine in a new report published on Sunday. "I do not think she thought it would happen."

But Melania Trump was the person who encouraged her husband to run for president, said Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone to the magazine.

"I always wanted to run. She's the one who pushed him to run simply by saying run or not running," Stone said. "I do not think I was too crazy about that."

Stone said that Melania Trump told her husband that "he ran or did not run."

"She said:" It's not my thing, it's about Donald, "Stone said. "And I think she understood that she would be unhappy if she did not run."

Melania Trump refused to be interviewed for Vanity Fair's profile.

The first lady did not join President Trump at the White House until June, after her son Barron finished the school year in New York City.

It made headlines earlier this year in a public dispute with President Trump's first wife, Ivana, after Ivana joked that she was "the real first lady."

"He plans to use his title and his paper to help children, not to sell books," Melania spokeswoman Trump said in a statement. "There is clearly no substance in this statement from an ex-unfortunately, only attention is sought and noise is heard."

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