Melania Marjorie Taylor Green Is Coming For Trump By Jimmy Kimmel

Late night TV’s new favorite Punching Bag made a few more hits on Tuesday night when Jimmy Kimmel lost the better part of his monologue to QAnon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) ‘s latest feud.

“Mitch McConnell emerged from his armor yesterday to distance himself from Congressman Marjorie Taylor Green,” the host said. “Senate Minority Leader Called Him To Stop ‘Hate Lies And Conspiracy Theories’.”

While McConnell did not mention Green’s name, he said that anyone pushing his outrageous belief is “cancer on the party”, which, in Kimmel’s words, “distracted those Americans from the important task of disenfranchising” It is happening to millions of Americans who need relief “

On Wednesday, House Democrats are threatening to remove Green of his committee’s work if his own party does not take action first. “And Republicans are like, ‘Um, great, would you mind? We’re not going to do it. These people are crazy!”