Mel Kiper Jr. uses Josh Allen of Buffalo Bills to defend Justin Fields

The Bills are not in the market for a quarterback this offseason after Josh Allen’s appearance in 2020. Still, one can’t help but hear all about QB prospects before the NFL Draft earlier in the season. come down.

With nearly two months to go in the 2021 rookie selection process, the quarterbacks are grabbing all the draft-related headlines. Among those names are Ohio State’s Justin Fields. Your stock project has it throughout the first round.

Another thing that continues this offseason is that ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. has one of the most talked about draft drills. He recently included offensive lineman Teven Jenkins with the Bills in his second mock draft this week.

But Kiper also generated some buzz with his latest guesses because the 49ers traded to select Fields early and by explaining that through ESPN morning show Get up this week, Kiper used Allen to do it.

The draft guru explained that he’s high on Fields the same way he was on Allen in 2018. Is he the most polished player right now? Maybe not, but Kiper thinks so.

“Everybody hates Sam Darnold now, but he had more anticipation, he was better than Josh Allen,” Kiper said.

“Josh, Justin (Herbert) and now Justin, what about the Js? Nobody seems to like them going through the draft process, because they don’t pitch early. Exploring ahead of time, that could help these guys make better decisions, in the long run, “added Kiper.

Kiper has been doing this for a long time and is not perfect in his analysis, but he often strongly defends the Buffalo quarterback, saying he liked Allen’s skills before any draft analyst. He is obviously still beating on that drum, and very hard.

And hey, throwing a Jets quarterback under the bus in the process? Nothing that Bills Mafia doesn’t like to hear …


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