Meghan McCain: October 23, 1984. (Photo: Lou Rocco / ABC)

Meghan McCain can mark another item on the pop culture playlist: It's a "Danger!" Response.


File that right next to be Satirized on "Saturday Night Live" and being the subject of memes. And this time, no one was making fun of her.

The episode that aired on Friday included this clue: "Twitter erupted when this co-host of" The View "responded to a criticism with the tweet," You were at my wedding, Denise. "

Who is Meghan McCain?

Of course you probably knew it.

McCain was very excited about that. She tweeted, "Omggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Alex Trebek !!" (Trebek is the host of "Jeopardy." Of course, you probably knew it too).

McCain was also a response in December 2018, with the key: "Where to see Meghan McCain in the morning."

The reference on Friday's track is an answer that McCain sent to conservative commentator Denise McAllister, who wrote "The View" on Twitter earlier this year. McCain's instant response turned into an attempt to pull the shadow for all purpose, which was quite fun. McCain called it his "gift" to the internet.

And now it's his gift to "Jeopardy".


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