Meghan McCain rebukes media for ‘too little attention’ for Middle East peace deal: Trump deserves credit

Meghan McCain, the co-host of “The View”, took the media to kneel before President Trump to rescind the historic peace deal between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Bahrain.

During a discussion on Wednesday, highlighting the ABC News town hall portraying Trump, McCain pointed to his reference to the Abraham Accord that was signed at the White House the day before.

“I wish it was getting more attention and credit,” McCain told his co-host. “I know it’s hard to give any victory to the Trump administration, but I always try to be fair and watch the balls and strikes as we see it. You see the total geopolitical realization against Iran and Israel in the Middle East Have been. And there are rumors that Saudi Arabia may be involved. ”

The only conservative voice on the ABC daytime talk show called the agreement a “really big day” at the White House ceremony.

Kushner is in talks with MSNBC Andrea Michel in a Kansas interview, stating that there is no ‘Middle East Pace’.

“For all kinds of baronies and sort of administration about bringing peace to the Middle East, which we have blown into this administration, this is a really big step,” McCain continued. “And I saw President Trump talking about it and was really pleased yesterday. And it’s paying very little attention to the scheme of things about how big it is. And I just wish we … just Take a moment and really appreciate the fact that there are going to be embassies for Israel in the Middle Eastern countries right now and this is really a surprising step for peace in the Middle East and for any supporters of Israel, it really Was a big day. ”

Most media attempted to undermine the Israel-UAE-Bahrain Agreement. NBC News head foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell insisted that the Abraham Accord does not amount to “Middle East peace”.

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CNN focused much of its programming on the potential health risks of the White House event, which was held to commemorate the accused amid the epidemic.

The anti-Trump network embarrassed the Trump administration for “large crowds” and “little social disturbances”, suggesting that the incident could be a super spreader of coronovirus.