Meghan McCain discusses the error of Michael Flynn of ABC News about “The View”


On Friday, the presenters of The View (with one notable exception) celebrated when Joy Behar received the latest news on the air that Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump directed him to make contact with Russia. Of course, that information eventually turned out to be incorrect, and ABC News reporter Brian Ross was suspended for it.

Meghan McCain was the aforementioned exception who did not revel in the news, and as such, managed to feed her co-host is a well-earned crow on Monday morning. Although there was apparently no intention to deceive the public by Ross and the network issued a clarification (later a correction) to his story, McCain called the report "false news." He also argued that Americans should want to see Trump succeed, and not celebrate a violation of national security.

"I went to a Christmas party over the weekend, it's no secret, most of my friends are in conservative media, I feel like I'm an astronaut from another planet, come here to try to explain both worlds between Yes, that's how different I feel in this program sometimes, "he explained. "And I'll say that false news, and what we did on Friday, that's what they accused me of being a part of," he said, even though he clearly disagreed with the other women.

It was to argue that the error of ABC News is an excellent example of why many conservatives distrust the media. Host Sunny Hostin pointed out, however, that false news is a term coined by Donald Trump. "I think he coined it because it's very convenient for him and people believe it," he said. "And I think we should really remember that our right to freedom of the press is not only in our constitution, it is the foundation of our democracy."

"When you do not have freedom of the press, you have places like China, like North Korea, like Vietnam, like Iran, like Cuba," he continued. "So, for the people you're referring to, I hope you look closely at what's coming out of this administration." However, at the end of the segment, it seemed that the women were no closer to being face to face. .

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