Meghan Markle’s father’s father Thomas published private letters because he felt ‘willy-nilly’ by press: report

Meghan Markle’s helpless father Thomas allegedly explained why he made a private letter from his daughter to the press famous.

In 2019, 76-year-old Thomas allowed a private letter from his daughter to be published via mail on Sunday’s newspaper and the MailOnline website, after which tensions between him and his daughter escalated.

Meghan, 39, is now suing the publisher Associated Newspapers for privacy and copyright infringement on five articles that contain excerpts from the handwritten letter.

Now, nearly two years after the publication of the correspondence, Thomas explained exactly why he felt the need to make the letter public.

MEGHAN MARKLE’S ANG Y VERY started with PLEASED developed as ‘Fame Thomas’.

The former television lighting director said in court that he felt “merged” by an article published by People magazine, according to a witness statement obtained by E! news.

“When I read the article ‘The Truth About Meghan’ in People magazine, he was shocked,” the statement said. “It was a total lie. It misrepresented Meg and the tone and content of the letter I wrote in August 2018. Quickly decided that I wanted to correct that misrepresentation.”

Meghan Markle, father of the Duke of Sussex, Thomas Markle, said she published her personal correspondence because she felt “vivacious” by an article that addressed their relationship. (Getty Images)

On February 6, 2019, people published an article titled “The Truth About Meghan Markle Dad – and Later She Wanted Him for the Wedding,” in which a “longtime friend” addressed the letter, claiming That he is “heartbroken”. Fearing about his father’s health and texting him to tell him that he loves her and wants to “improve” their relationship.

Additionally, Thomas reportedly stated that he believes his daughter is “authorized” to tell her five friends about the relationship they shared with her as well as the letter. .

Thomas said that Meghan loved me and wanted to improve our relationship. However, he felt that the letter was “a criticism.”


“It was actually a sign of the end of our relationship, not a reconciliation,” the Duchess’s father explained.

In a People magazine article, the friend alleged that Thomas, in response to her letter, proposed a photo op with her daughter, which Meghan denied in her opening letter to her, when she asked her father Said she does not “want to communicate through the media.”

Meghan Markle's marriage to Prince Harry did not include her father Thomas, as tensions between the pair escalated.  (Photo by Karvai Tang / WireImage)

Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry did not include her father Thomas, as tensions between the pair escalated. (Photo by Karvai Tang / WireImage)

However, Thomas said he was proposing a “harmonized” photo of himself with Meghan, realizing that it would “shut the press back.”

Additionally, Thomas denied the friend’s claim that he “never” contacted his daughter. Thomas allegedly claimed in court that he “could not find a way to get him to talk to me.”

Allowing the Daily Mail to “actually cite and reproduce parts of the letter” was the only way to tell its side of the story.

Maghan Markle tries to find out about the dinner he met his father.

“The text of the letter proves that what was said in People magazine about the letter was incorrect.” “It dissolves what was said about me in that article. The readers had to see the letter for themselves – then they would know that they were getting the truth.”

He also stated that it was his choice to publish only portions of the letter.

“I didn’t want the entire letter to be published,” he shared. “The reason for this was because I thought the letter looked terrible to the entire cloud. I don’t want to attack or hurt her.”

Meghan Markle now lives in California with her husband Prince Harry and their young son Archie.  (Getty Images)

Meghan Markle now lives in California with her husband Prince Harry and their young son Archie. (Getty Images)

Meghan’s attorneys have reportedly denied that the Duchess of Sussex knew about the People’s article prior to its publication.

However, in publicly available docs in Britain, Meghan’s legal team gives an example of royal “begging” in the letter [Thomas] Stop talking to the press. “

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“The act of writing a personal letter to a close family member, lover or friend inevitably puts the writer in an unexpected and potentially vulnerable position because of the chosen words and the way the writer chooses to express him or herself. Chooses for Recipient and nobody else, ”said Dox.

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Thomas, a representative for Associated Newspapers and People, did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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