Meghan Markle’s exit from the royal family is due to Archie

Meghan Markle wants son Archie to grow up feeling comfortable

Meghan Markle made the harsh decision to leave the royal family, mainly because she did not want Archie to grow up in a sexual environment.

Behind the exit of the Duke of Sussex from the royal family, they had centuries-old sexist traditions that made Meghan feel stunned and suffocated!

According to one source, Meghan ‘hated the PDA ban as a member of the royal family and wanted her son Archie to grow up feeling comfortable with himself’.

The Duchess and husband Prince Harry “are raising their 18-month-old child illegally and in their footsteps,” the insider said. “Harry strongly believes that Archie should be able to get the freedom he never had.”

The source said that little Sussex would not follow any traditions and protocols.

Archie “will not follow royal protocol, especially sexist traditions.” They will be taught the freedom to speak up and the importance of giving back to the community, and most importantly, not letting anything get in the way of achieving their dreams and happiness. ”

That said, parents will not allow their child to “run wild” and do whatever they want. They set healthy boundaries, ”the insider explained.

A different source revealed that Meghan hated to follow the royal dress code, which is why she often dressed casually.

Meghan said, “Children were always dressed according to royal and old-fashioned rules – such as wearing clothes below the knee.”

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