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Meghan Markle to have a female bodyguard like Kate Middleton, Princess Diana?

Meghan Markle is expected to have a female bodyguard like Kate Middleton.

According to The Sun, the royal family is currently hiring a bodyguard for the student of "Suits". The recruit will join a team employed to care for Prince Harry as well, and wants a woman to watch over her fiancee.

"Those in charge of security are looking for a suitable person," said one source to the publication. 19659002] In 2010, Middleton was assigned a police bodyguard named Sergeant Emma Probert, just after engaging with Prince William. Middleton and Probert developed a close friendship with each other since they were together for the past seven years.

"Kate has become very close to Emma over the years, they came in well from the beginning and have built a great relationship, so a new female bodyguard is expected to learn the necessary cords with Emma first" said the source.

Probert, 45, is a member of the Scotland Yard Protection Squad, and is also trained in martial arts. Middleton's bodyguard carries a gun and taser gun especially when the Duchess of Cambridge is outdoors.

Meanwhile, there will be a trial and error hiring process for Markle's bodyguard. "It would be a trial period to make sure that she is the right woman for the job, and if so, she would be transferred to Meghan and Harry's team." The team's difficulty is that fewer bodyguards are available with the skill set. They need the male bodyguards, but they trust that they can find someone who fits the bill, "the source said.

Whoever is recruited as Markle's bodyguard will be the fourth female protection agent hired by the royal family. The first was hired as the bodyguard of Princess Diana. The second police officer protected Prince Edward.

When asked to comment on the security recruitment process for Markle, Kensington Palace declined to give further details. "We never comment on personal safety," said a spokesman.