Meghan Markle takes fans inside a multi-million dollar California residence

Meghan Markle takes fans inside multi-million dollar California residence in new video

Meghan Markle opened the doors to her and Prince Harry’s fancy Montekito residence in Santa Barbara.

The Duchess of Sussex on Saturday participated in a video call for a one-year anniversary of its charity clothing collection with Smart Works.

Talking about how the collection helps unemployed women with the right clothes to wear for a job interview, Meghan gave a rare glimpse inside her multi-million dollar mansion.

From the video it appears that Meghan and Harry’s residence has a stylish cream color and painted walls in a chimney.

To the right of the Duchess is a standing tree placed in front of a vertical window. A framed photograph can also be seen on a shelf behind the former actress.

The fancy Abode’s special features included the first nine bedrooms, a game room, home theater, spa facilities, an elevator, gym, swimming pool and tennis courts.

Not only this, the 14,500-square-foot main house also has a two-bedroom guesthouse on a seven-acre site.

A spokesman for Harry and Meghan revealed last month, “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into their family home in July this year.

“They have settled in the quiet secrecy of their community since their arrival and hope that it will be respected for their neighbors as well as family.”

After Sussex struck a deal with Netflix, they used the money to repay the money used in the UK taxpayer’s renovation of Frogham Cottage.

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