Meghan Markle shows off her beauty in a white blazer during a video conference from New Haveli

Meghan Markle, Duke of Sussex, looked elegant as she hosted a virtual gathering in honor of the one-year anniversary of her partnership with Smart Works.

Wearing white blazers atop rose-colored silk, she looked gorgeous with a simple hairstyle, California calm and quarantine both casually.

The Duchess, who surprised fans by adding long layers to her medium-length hair in July, kept the hair in her midsection. Meghan tied it on the neck and flapped her shoulder during the video conference.

Sitting in front of a chimney inside a California home, the Duchess of Sussex glimpsed inside her £ 11.2 million new mansion during an online chat with clients from a UK charity that trains unemployed women to interview .

Meghan and Harry recently purchased a lavish property in Santa Barbara after which the pair gave up their roles in the royal family and went overseas.

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A year ago, Smart Works announced the launch of The Smart Set Capsule Collection with The Duchess of Sussex. The Robe Collection was designed to be a perfect working wardrobe for Smart Works clients. 1,000 In the past year, more than 3,000 customers came to Smart Works and 1,000 women took the pieces, the collection has proved invaluable. विशेषIn particular it has played a key role in ensuring the success of the new virtual service that was launched as a response to the COVID-19 epidemic. , To celebrate the first anniversary, the Duchess of Sussex sat down to talk to Carla, Charlene and Agnieszka, the last three clients to see how their time at Smart Works helped change their lives is. , After listening to their stories, The Duchess of Sussex said, “People can say that a lot of smart work is about clothes, but it’s not really … all this stuff is external but what is it for you Does the inside which is the best helper. Believe it, this is what is created within, this is the piece with which you walk out of that room and walk into the interview. “के To buy a piece of the collection Thanks to everyone and retailers who have made it possible @wordsandspencerfashionpr @johnlewisandpartners, @ insidejư and @mishanonoo. ⠀ To learn more and hear from our customers and CEO heads about the link in our bio.

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The former Suits star launched a charity clothing collection with Smart Works in September last year, and in a year she was heard on a virtual call from three women who were helped by the charity.

She praised the “confidence” of bringing clothes, which could propel women to the “next layer of success”.

During the video call, the Duchess spoke with Carla, Charlene and Agnieszka, three women who have successfully worked for smart works outfits and mentoring. She also shared some advice for jobbers.


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