Meghan Markle instigated Prince Harry’s exit against Prince William ?: report

Meghan Markle instigated Prince Harry’s exit against Prince William ?: Report

Meghan Markle is once again accused of being the abettor responsible for replacing Prince Harry against his brother Prince William.

This claim has been brought forward by the royal writer and historian Robert Lacey. The expert believes that although Prince Harry and Prince William had a close relationship from the day he always misbehaved with his brother.

Mr. Lacey touched all of his Brothers fight Claims during his interview with Vanity Fair. There he was quoted as saying, “One thing that I write in the book is that during his teenage years and going back to his childhood, he knew that he was on different paths.” When Harry was a little boy, when his grandmother asked him to mistreat her and he said ‘I don’t have to behave that I’m not going to be king. “

Compared to him, Prince William was more mature for his age and “from the age of 6 knew what to do next.” Regardless, every time “both he and William misbehaved, Harry was blamed for everything.”

As a result, resentment began to spread, and slowly Prince Harry “became resentful of conservatism in the media.” But “I think Meghan helped him see that injustice, mold him into words and react against him. His arrival was an important moment.”


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