Meghan Markle has just learned an important rule from the royal family: Absolutely NO authorizations allowed!



On Friday Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made his first public engagement as a committed couple, and during his meeting with British admirers and citizens in Nottingham, Markle he learned a key rule of the royal family: no selfies are allowed!

The old star Suits left and was walking with Harry in his first official engagement with the public, and while he was being stopped by fans who want to wave and take pictures, a couple asked Meghan to take a selfie with them.

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And that's when she dropped the official selfie news (below):

Meghan is already learning the real ropes, telling a couple who asked for a selfie in Nottingham today: "We are not allowed to make selfies "
– Victoria Murphy (@ QueenVicMirror) December 1, 2017

Awww !!! [19659003] What's up, real family? I'm not happy with the angle of the camera in selfies? Do not know what part of the screen to look at?

We too! LOLz !!!

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Click HERE to see the rest of the highlights of Meghan and Prince Harry doing his thing yesterday in Nottingham !!!

[ Image via Danny Martindale / WENN. ]

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