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Meghan Markle gets royal etiquette training from Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

I have a great real etiquette teacher

… my ass, Harry !!!

12/7/2017 1:00 a.m. PST


Meghan Markle is about to get an accelerated course on being a royalty – from knowing the rules of reverence to how to handle it at state events – and we have learned that her teacher is her fiancee, Harry .

Meghan has a million things to learn, according to the real expert Katie Nicholl . Just a few examples, she has to know the rules of reverence … she has to bow for Queen Kate Beatrice Eugenie and others. She needs to know how to address the dignitaries and the rules of real fashion. She needs to know how to behave at state dinners. You also have to learn the actual etiquette at the table … how to hold conversations, and so on.

Harry knows the exercise because he knows it from birth, so he is the perfect mentor.

There are nonsense that Meghan needs to understand. They tell us that one thing that she will have to lose is her love for selfies with fans. It just is not done.

Diana came into conflict with the rules from the beginning when she wore a revealing black dress for an event with Princess Grace . In royalty, all black suits are reserved for funerals and mourning.

And understand this … they tell us that Harry started doing Meghan's real task months ago, which means he knew that she was a guardian.

We're guessing that Meghan will have some books on her bedside table, like Katie Nicholl's next book, "Harry: Love, Life, Loss."

It's a safe learning process, but it has to have everything down pat by May 26 … when she and Harry get hooked .

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