Meghan Markle excluded from Royal Birthday greetings for Harry

Team Meghan and Harry were fired.

On Tuesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Queen and Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall shared photos on social media to mark Prince Harry’s 36th birthday.

All of the snaps feature a ginger-haired royal, but not his multi-wicked wife, Meghan.

The omission was 39-year-old Meghan, her fans’ arms burst and she voiced her disapproval in the comments section.

Taking part in the 2017 race, a man with a photo of William, 38, Harry and Kate, 38, wrote, “Shadow of the people using this photo instead of one, including his wife,” another noted. ” Interesting photo selection! Not Meghan… 🧐 ”

“There could have been hundreds of photos you chose, but you chose one of Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure Meghan was not involved, not inadvertently,” another person commented.

The breathtaking photo choice, which is of course rubbish to Royal commentators, comes after the bombshell biography “Finding Freedom” in which it was alleged that William and Harry went two months without speaking after Sussex’s megaxit announcement.

Harry and Meghan’s divorce from the Royal family added another nail to the coffin last week, when the couple signed a $ 150 million deal with Netflix to develop programming.