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Meghan MArkle participates in several important causes, from the UN to charity work in Africa

Describing how the American actress "stumbled and fell" on his life, the fifth in line to the throne, famous for being Britain's most-chosen bachelor, said he soon realized he needed "good conversation" to impress Meghan.

With little-known about the former star of Suits beyond his Instagram feed, lifestyle website and a handful of interviews with the chat show hosts, a picture is starting to emerge from a real made with the potential to modernize the monarchy beyond the wildest dreams of Princess Diana.

Unlike Harry's previous girlfriends, the 36-year-old philanthropist already has a profile of charity campaigns and, fundamentally, has experience with the media.

It's no wonder that Harry, 33, could not believe his luck when a mutual friend in London introduced him in July of last year [196]. 59005] "The fact that I know she will be incredibly good at work is also a great relief for me because she can take care of everything else," she said. The joint engagement interview of the couple.

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Meghan is a former student at Northwestern University , one of the main institutions in the United States

We hope to have the greatest impact possible on all the things that matter to us

Prince Harry

"We are a fantastic team, we know we are, and we hope to have so much impact for all the things that matter to us as much as possible. "

Seeing Meghan through the prism of her role as bady paralegal Rachel Zane in the American drama Suits, it's easy to forget that the fledgling humanitarian education graduated from Northwestern University, one of the most prestigious in America, co-considered with Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

He studied theater and international studies, which included an internship at the United States Embbady in Buenos Aires. s, graduating in 2003.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, by a white father and a black mother, Meghan has written about her mixed-race heritage.

Referring to his father Thomas Markle and his mother Doria Radlan in a magazine article in 2015, he wrote: "My father is Caucasian, my African-American mother, I am half black and half white"

Meghan Markle in pictures [19659019] Friday, December 1, 2017

Meghan Markle begins her royal duties in Nottingham with her fiance, Prince Harry.

  Meghan Markle in pictures

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Meghan Markle in pictures

Describing how pbadersby in their leafy The Valley neighborhood would confuse their mother with her nanny due to the differences in the color of her skin, she described how her father disarmed and personalized a set of Barbie in order to have a black mother, a white father and a child of each color.

She also poignantly wrote about how her mother was called the "N-word" at the height of the Los Angeles riots and how the acting industry labeled her "ethnically ambiguous."

Having faced such discrimination, it is no wonder that Meghan started campaigning for equality from an early age. [19] 659005] After pressuring the then first American lady Hillary Clinton to change the liquid detergent commercial that suggested that only women washed the dishes, Meghan, 11, decided to make a difference.

Twenty years later, she would make a 10-minute speech to the UN in her capacity as an advocate of women's participation and leadership, in which she declared: "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist."

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Meghan graduated from an important position speaking as an ambbadador for women at the UN

Speaking without notes in the eloquent and scholarly speech before the then secretary general of The UN, Ban Ki-moon, said: "A wife is equal to her husband, a sister to her brother, neither better nor worse, they are equal." UN Women has defined 2030 as the expiration date of gender inequality, and this is amazing: studies show that at the current rate, the elimination of gender inequality will not be possible until 2095. "

Calling women to have a "Sit at the table", he added: "It is not enough to talk about equality, we have to believe in it. It is not enough to believe in equality, we have to work on it. "

Meghan put her money where her mouth is when it comes to television bosses who continued to open scenes in costumes with stage direction:" Rachel, dressed in a towel. "

She said:" The moment Rachel starts to become a role model in front of the camera and receiving comments or letters from young women or their mothers saying: 'My God, my daughter can look at you and they say I'm biracial, I can also be like that & # 39; it's when it becomes important.

"I do a lot of work with UN Women, so I take it so seriously, does the scene really need to open up with Rachel in her skivvies? No. I do not think it's necessary."

"There's a lot of coincidence when you're in the television and many people are often separated from the idea of ​​you being beautiful and covert and I am lucky to have bosses who respect me by saying that "

Meghan was an independent calligrapher before playing acting roles in shows that include drama sci-fi film Fringe, the telenovela of the General Hospital and cameos in films like Horrible Bosses and Much Like Love, where they simply called her "Hot girl".

She even had a brief stint as the "portfolio girl" in Deal Or No Deal: Once declared in a blog post "I never wanted to be a lady who has lunch," Meghan combined her career as an actress with work as an ambbadador for World Vision, visiting the Clean Water campaign of the organization FICA in Rwanda.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has his impressive network of friends – a transatlantic list of "bright youngsters" that includes Harry's close friend, Violet von Westenholz – believed to be the friend who introduced them.

It is believed that fashion designer Misha Nonoo also participated in the blind date "configuration".

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Meghan Markle combines acting work with ambbadador work

A dog lover, a self-proclaimed "Good cook" and handwritten note provider, yoga lover, organic foodstuff Meghan founded the lifestyle website The Tig, which she described as a "digital conversation between girlfriends".

The blog, conta the content of fashion, beauty and well-being, was thought to be a place to publish inspiring pieces for young women, although the website was closed in April, six months after Sunday Express published the exclusive news of his relationship with Prince Harry.

A note on the website said: "I knew that girls visited the site to see fashion tips or how to dry a star, but by rephrasing the beauty content to include elements of reflection on self-empowerment, or presented dynamic women as [Pakistani writer] Fatima Bhutto, expected to integrate social awareness and issues of greater value than, say … selfies … "

Meghan has also finished her female fashion line with the Canadian clothing company Reitmans. Educated at a private Catholic school in Los Angeles thanks to a lottery won by her father Thomas, an Emmy-winning lighting director, Meghan is very close to both parents, particularly her mother Doria, 60.

The social psychotherapist and yoga instructor flew 5,000 miles to join Meghan and Harry at the closing ceremony of Invictus Games in Toronto in September, where she was photographed being embraced by the Prince.

  The Tig "title =" The Tig "data-w =" 590 "data-h =" 454 "/> <span clbad= THE TIG

The now-defunct Meghan's blog was a & # 39; digital conversation between friends & # 39;

"Her mother is amazing," declared a Harry clearly stultified in his recent interview. [19659005] Despite their seemingly very different backgrounds, Harry and Meghan have some shared ancestry.

Meghan is descendant of Captain Christopher Hussey, who was appointed in 1679 by King Charles II to govern the province of Hampton, New Hampshire, and was the founding father of Nantucket.

It was reported that Hussey was a descendant of the nobleman John Hussey, first baron Hussey of Sleaford, who was a descendant of King John and beheaded in 1537 by order of King Henry VIII.

She also descended from the Bowes family, making her a distant cousin of Harry through his great-grandmother the Queen Mother.

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