Meet Wobblin Walrus – Bray Wyatt’s New Firefly Fun House Friend at WWE SmackDown

Bray Wyatt promises a new friend to the house of Firefly Fun. The following week WWE registered a trademark for the Woblin Walrus. What was WWE fans on SmackDown?

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The Firefly Fun House puppets were collected, as Wyatt greeted the audience. Wyatt said thanks to Roman rule “something very special is missing from the Fun House.” He said that how you handle loss defines the person you become. Then came the time to have some fun.

Wyatt said that his new friend had done a lot. He then introduced Pasquale the Pershing Perret, but then the parrot did not come out. Wyatt looked down at the box and they realized that the parrot was dead. “I probably should have cut some holes in this box.” he said. He did not show the dead bird, and Wyatt threw the box aside.

Vince McMahon arrives in the puppet and says that Wyatt lost his faith. The McMahon puppet then introduced the new special advisor to the Firefly Fun House… the Wobbly Walrus.

This new friend is a walrus, and wears a suit. The McMahon puppet said that it is “such a good sh * t.” As Wyatt said “Oh no!” The screen showed the text saying “Continue …”

You can watch the full clip starting with the entrance of the Evil Vince McMahon puppet: