Meet the world’s most mediocre astronauts

Fred Armen, Tim Heidecker, and John C.  The article, titled Reilly, depicts the astronauts lost in the Showtime iMoonbase 8 / i trailer I am a loser astronaut.

Screenshot: show time

Three comedy Luminaries – Fred Armen, Tim Heidecker and John C. Reilly-Star As a gaggle I am astronaut Moonbase 8Which which is After all Premiered after more than two years First announced. According to a new trailer released today, T.That six-part series on land Showtime on 8 November.

What is abundantly clear in the clip below Cap (Reilly), Skip (Armen), and Rook (Heidecker) Will die horrific Deaths occur if they ever actually go to the moon, which is why they are assigned the Moon Base Simulator in the Arizona Desert. There, they have to prove to NASA that they can work as a team if they ever really hope to launch into orbit. “I’ve been spoiled my whole life,” Cap says. “That’s why I need to get this Moon. If i amOops, I am a hero. ”

It looks like full cooperation between Which goes Chemistry is refined in episodes of Heidecker’s Great show, great job! Drawing series And office hours Podcast. Check it out below.

The basket Co-creator jonathan chrysal wrote Moonbase 8 Together Armen, Heidecker and Reilly, and also serves as its director. It debuts at 8 pm CT on 8 November.