Meet the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition –

Meet the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition


OnePlus today presented a very interesting version of its 5T
Badge smartphone: OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition. The headset was briefly
exhibited at India ,
at a Comic Con event sponsored by OnePlus (among other companies).

As you can see above, the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition has a
White back panel with a red Star Wars logo engraved down. the
The phone's alert slider is also red, while the front is completely black. Reportedly, the device's interface will feature various Star Wars screen effects and wallpapers. The new phone certainly stands out compared to the normal black and red variants
of the OnePlus 5T.

According to the Indian website Tech PP, the OnePlus 5T Star
The war edition could be launched on December 16, just one day after the last
The movie Star Wars (The Last Jedi) makes its debut in the United States and internationally.

For now, there is no information on how much OnePlus 5T Star
The War Edition will cost, but Tech PP notes that the smartphone can only be sold at India . We hope this is not the case, as many Star Wars fans around the world
The world will probably find this OnePlus 5T special quite attractive.

source: Tech PP

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