Meet the first dogs, champions and Major Biden of the future

Joe and Jill Biden will bring some “paw-spiced advisors” with them when they arrive at the White House with their German shepherds, champions and majors.

After being pet-free for four years in the White House, the two pokhras will revive a tradition that followed in George Washington, the first president.

The champ had a gift from Jill after the 2008 election.

President Barack Obama famously promised to give his daughters a puppy if he won – and Joe Biden promised the same to his wife. His granddaughters named Puppy, who Appeared in a video On Biden’s campaign, Twitter urged people to vote.

Because he bought the champion from a Pennsylvania breeder, Biden did not receive some backlash for rescuing a dog. According to NBC News, Major, however, will make history as the first rescue dog in the White House.

In 2018, the family decided to adopt Major when their daughter Ashley sent her father a picture from the Delaware Humans Association.

The rescue organization posted the news of Major’s adoption by the business on its Facebook page.

At least 30 presidents have dogs, starting in Washington. President Trump has no pets.

Biden last week Tweeted a video of Trump Asking at the rally, “How would I see a dog walking in the White House lawn? … I don’t feel good,” with the comment, “Let’s put the dogs back in the White House,” and “Champion and Major DOTUS for. “

Kamala Harris, the vice president-elect, is not a dog, but is on record as being pro-choice. In 2019, he Made a collage of Pochage by tweeting Who visited her office.


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