Meet Maria Baklova, at ‘Borat 2’ actress who exposed Rudy Giuliani

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The reason Borat Works is not really Borat

Who had Borat Sequel to your list of possibilities for an October surprise?

By now you may have heard of the shocking Rudy Giuliani segment of the film, one of those all-time great expos that feels as if the floor and your jaws are kissed.

Trump Todd agrees to be interviewed by a charming, blonde foreign journalist. He messes with her, takes her to the hotel bedroom after an interview for a drink, lies down on the bed, and starts reaching for his penis (one can only think he has it in his mind What was) stop the growth situation when the star was torn true Baron Cohen.

“Rudy, Trump will be disappointed, you are leaving the hotel without a golden shower!” Borat then retreats to Giuliani, his hand literally stuck in his pants.

There has been little discussion as to whether critics were given an early preview Burrat subcenter movie movieThe sequel, which came 14 years after the original comedy, ruined things by spoiling the incredible scene. It is true that there is no accounting for the body’s experience of watching the Giuliani sequence unaware of the ensuing terror. But one argument is that the visual is news, not a spoiler, and needs to be reported as soon as possible.

But here’s the real surprise: This is not the most shocking, or most relevant, achievement of the film.

Burrat subcenter movie movie The actress stars Maria Baklova as a tutor, the 15-year-old daughter of Cohen’s notorious lead character. He is the film’s secret weapon (secret indeed; the studio went so far as to call Baklova by fake name in early press notes to hide his identity), and in truth, that’s only why it works .

Burrat subcenter movie movie The lazy geta can be a weary of moments; What is the need of such a buffalo to remove the veil of America’s internal racism when these people are saying to themselves every day?


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