Meet Dashning, Meghan Markle's new Communications Secretary, Christian Jones

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Susbad, Christian Jones


World, meet Christian Jones.

Meghan Markle Y Prince Harry he recently hired a new high-level staff member, who was seen with the Duchess of Susbad only days after the news that his bodyguard resigned. Jones joins The Firm as the new Undersecretary of Communications of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William Y Kate Middleton) and the Duke and Duchess of Susbad.

Meghan and Jones were seen talking during lunch in London on Friday. The duchess wore a navy blue coat, light blue jeans, and bare shoes. Jones put on a black coat and a scarf.

Here is everything we know so far about Christian Jones.

Jones' LinkedIn page shows that she has been working for royalty since December. It also happens to have some resemblance to Joseph fiennes toward Shakespeare in love.

According to Daily mail, his new job duties include directing press operations and advising the Kensington royal family on media interactions. Prior to his new concert with the dukes and duchesses, Jones worked as the Brexit speechwriter for Member of Parliament David Davis. Davis was the former secretary of state to leave the European Union between 2016 and 2018, but he retired from that position in July.

Jones worked with the Department to leave the European Union for just over two years.

Before Brexit, however, he had a long stint at HM Treasury, which is the British government's ministry of economics and finance. That work fits well with his studies at the University of Cardiff. Jones graduated with first clbad honors and specialized in economics. Jones also turned out to be the social secretary of the tennis team at his school.

Meghan Markle, Christmas day

Joe Giddens / PA Wire

Meghan and Prince Harry have seen a large turnover in their staff since the royal wedding (another aide resigned in December), but Jones is a big name that enters Kensington Palace instead of leaving.

The bodyguard of the 37-year-old leaves his post after less than a year at work. According to PeopleHowever, it is because she abandoned the strength of the Metropolitan Police and has nothing to do with the murmuring "difficult" behavior of the Duchess.

In a few months, Jones will have to add one more name to his press list: baby Susbad!

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