Meek Mill’s attorneys file a motion to release him on bail


PHILADELPHIA – The legal team of Meek Mill filed an emergency motion to get him out of jail on bail.

The motion filed Tuesday in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania holds that the judge who sentenced the rapper has not responded to any appeal subsequent to the sentence.

Mill was sentenced this month to two or four years in prison for violating probation (19659005) The sentence has been criticized as extreme, but Common Pleas Court Genece Brinkley has said that Mill ignored the rules of his probation.

Mill's legal team is asking Brinkley to renounce the case, saying he has made the case inappropriately personal.

Tuesday's motion holds that Mill can not appeal until Brinkley fails his motions after sentencing, and "refuses to do so."

Mill's case has attracted attention through rallies, billboards and buses in Philadelphia with the message "Stand With Meek Mill."

Reverend Al Sharpton met with Mill on Monday.

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