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Medical marijuana is finally available in some parts of Maryland

Just days after the first medical marijuana dispensaries opened in Maryland, limited supplies and technical difficulties mean the product is really available.

The state has authorized only 10 of the 92 expected dispensaries, and of those only six have open – none in the Baltimore area, according to the information provided by the companies to The Baltimore Sun or listed on their websites.

Three of those six were temporarily closed due to technical or inventory problems, although two have reopened. A store that opened is to see customers by appointment only. The remaining dispensaries plan to open in the coming weeks.

Technical and supply problems mean that consumers who wish to use marijuana for their ailments, and who have waited years since the state passed legislation approving a medical marijuana industry, will have to wait a little longer.

The Allegany medical marijuana dispensary in Cumberland opened a long line of people on Friday, but did not have cannabis on hand, manager Mark Van Tyne said. When the supply of marijuana shoots finally appeared, it was about 8 p. M., More than 8 hours later than promised and half of what Van Tyne expected.

The staff stayed until 3 a. M to make sure all the patients waited. more than 100, at least they were left with something.

"The staff was really great," said Van Tyne. "Most of all were very loved about it."



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