Medical leaders urge Trump to assist Biden’s team

Washington (AP) – The latest Joe Biden on the presidential election (All time local):

2:10 pm

Leaders of the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association say the Trump administration should share COVID-19 information critical to the presidential election “to save countless lives”.

The groups said in a letter to the White House on Tuesday that, in order to plan, the Biden team needed information on drug and test supplies, personal protective equipment, ventilators, hospital beds capacity and workforce availability.

The letter states, “All information about the strategic National Stockpill’s capacity, assets from Operation War Speed, and therapeutic and vaccine dissemination plans need to be shared as soon as possible … so that we have no lapse. Don’t. The ability to take care of patients. “

It was signed by Richard Pollack, president of the American Hospital Association; Dr. James Madra, CEO of AMA; And Debbie Dawson Hatmaker, acting CEO of the Nurses Association.


Here’s what you know about the transition to the current House before the current election:

President-Elect Joe Biden Warns of Serious Consequences If President Donald Trump and his administration continue to refuse to coordinate with his transition team on the coronovirus epidemic and briefing on national security and policy issues.

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What’s going on here?

1:45 pm

Congressional Hispanic Caucus is asking to meet with President-Elect Joe Biden to discuss plans and staffing for his incoming administration.

In a letter obtained by The Associated Press, the five leaders of the CHC wrote that they are “expected to discuss matters necessary for the caucus, including the composition of their administration and the forthcoming legislative agenda.”

They also say they want to work with Biden on “important issues affecting Hispanics”, including “equal recovery for COVID-19,” immigration, equal education and health care access, racial justice and civil rights. Safety is included.

Biden vows that tackling immigration will be one of his top priorities as president, but it’s unclear where Biden has been on a long list of legislative promises during his entire campaign.

However, he has already named Latino in several positions in his White House staff, including Anthony Bernal and Julissa Renoso Pantaleon, who will be the top roles of both Jill Biden’s staff and Julie Chave Rodriguez, who will be director White. House Intergovernmental Affairs Office.


1:20 PM

The Israeli president and prime minister spoke with Joe Biden on Tuesday for the first time since his victory in the US election, joining other world leaders in referring to President-elect despite President Donald Trump’s refusal.

Trump’s close ally, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, congratulated Biden after the election earlier this month, but did not refer to him as president-elect then and avoided commenting on the election results.

Israel has welcomed Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran and his unprecedented support for Israel in conflict with the Palestinians. Biden’s plan to return to the Iran nuclear deal and push for a revival of the Middle East peace process could put him on a path of confrontation with Netanyahu, who had an icy relationship with the Obama administration.

“In a heated conversation, the presidential-election reiterated its deep commitment to Israel and its security,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

Netanyahu said that the special bond between Israel and the US is a fundamental component of Israel’s security and its policy. The two agreed to meet soon to discuss several issues on the agenda and reiterated the need to continue a stable alliance between the US and Israel, ”the statement said.

The formal president of Israel, Raven Rivlin, also spoke with Biden and congratulated him for the election, calling him “a long-standing friend of the state of Israel”. He said: “Our friendship is based on values ​​that go beyond partisan politics and we have no doubt that, under your leadership, the United States is committed to the security and success of Israel.”


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