Medical costs of discharge of German COVID patients above 50% of pre-entry levels: study

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – The medical costs of German COVID-19 patients who are on average 50% higher before hospitalization, data from a major insurer showed, a sign that even those who are in full health care Have recovered the struggle to reclaim.

Germany’s second largest health insurer DKV The study, looked at by Reuters on Sunday, looked at data from 5735 COVID-19 patients, of whom 605 were hospitalized and 49 died.

“Our evaluation shows: patients who are no longer contagious are far from healthy,” DKV chief executive Clemens Muth told Reuters. “Corona will continue to be a burden on us in the medium term.”

The study found that coronovirus proves particularly dangerous for people with heart disease, high blood pressure or respiratory diseases.

However, 15% of patients with pre-existing conditions – who had not submitted a bill for at least two years – also had to undergo treatment in hospitals.

(Written by Alexander Hubner; Written by Arno Schuetz; Edited by Jan Harvey)

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