Media machine misrepresenting Trump’s election lies. News of america –

Media machine misrepresenting Trump’s election lies. News of america

The network has made its calls, with world leaders beginning to pay their respects, and even Fox News and Rupert Murdoch’s other media outlets have left for Donald Trump for a second term. But in a video posted on Facebook on 7 November and viewed more than 16.5 meters, Newsmax host and former Trump administration official Carl Highey has posted a three-page list of false and faulty claims, doubting the presidential election results. Spent minutes.

“I believe it’s time to hold the line,” said Higby, who resigned his government post on a broad track record of loyal, racist, homophobic, and bigoted comments to Trump. “I doubt very much and you should be too.”

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The video, which has been shared more than 350,000 times on Facebook, is just one star of a Trump supporter constellation leading millions of Americans to doubt or deny the results of the presidential election. Fully 70% of Republicans believe the election was not “free and fair” according to the POLITICO / Morning Consulting poll conducted since Election Day. Among those skeptics, the major majorities believe Trump has two of the most lies: mail-in voting is fraudulent and ballots are tampered with.

Trump himself is the biggest source of election misinformation; The president has addressed the public since Tuesday, in addition to sharing lies and misinformation about the election. But his message attacking the electoral process is being promoted by media outlets and a group of pundits who appear to be jocking to replace Fox News as the outlet of choice for Trumpists – and Facebook and YouTube Such as metastasizing across platforms.

Since Election Day, 16 of the top 20 public Facebook posts contain the word “election”, suspected of giving false or misleading information on the election in favor of Trump. – Eminent analytics tool. Of those, 13 are posted by the president’s own page, one is a direct quote from Trump, published by Fox News, one by writing evangelist Christian Franklin Graham, and the last Newsmex Higgie video.

Four posts that do not include misinformation, Biden Obama and Michelle Obama’s congratulatory messages to Biden and Kamala Harris, and two posts by Graham, including a prayer for Trump and a remembrance by Graham by his father, the televangelist Billy Graham.

On YouTube, hosts such as conservative YouTuber, Steven Crowder, with more than 5 million followers, are also forwarding content questioning the election results. A video from Crowder called Live Updates: Democrats tried to steal the election was viewed 5m times, and nearly two hours of video headlines Fox News is your friend already watched over a million times is.

A woman attended the Orange County Registrar's Rally for Voters' Office in Santa Ana, California.

A woman attended the Orange County Registrar’s Rally for Voters’ Office in Santa Ana, California. Photo: Paul Bercebach / AP

Debunked claims about electoral malfunctions have been promoted in the same way as everything is fine for media players who cheat in elections. Those outlets seem to capitalize on the frustration of Trump supporters on Fox News to report the actual results of the election.

Newsmax, a far-flung outlet whose founding board members included William Rees-Mog, refused to accept the election results as a point of pride, tweeting On Saturday that it remained “the only major news network not to call elections”. Newsmax’s post about its newfound popularity has its Facebook feed of turn-by-turn stories about election misconduct, perhaps even with Trump.

The presidential audience is rewarding Newsmax for its loyalty. After an average of 500,000 interactions a week for the first 10 months of the year, Newsmax’s Facebook success has exploded, with 7.3m interactions and 59.7m video views appearing on the site since 1 November.

“Macaw supporters – their devotion is to Trump and the Trump family, and when facts or statements don’t support, they are ready to drop other sources, and that includes Fox,” said Becca Lewis, Data & Associate in Research is the Society Research Institute, which studies misinformation.

When Newsmax was challenged by CNN host Brian Stelter in an on-air interview about “electoral denial” and “bogus voter fraud stuff”, Newsmax’s CEO, Chris Rudy, claimed the network had “all perspectives” and Argued that other major news outlets were “hasty” reporting Biden’s election victory.

The CEO of Newsmax is no stranger to misinformation: As a young conservative reporter during the Clinton administration, he was one of the “chief conspiracy theorists” over the suicide of White House lawyer Vincent Foster.

Newsmax is not the only conservative outlet raising Trump’s false claims about the legitimacy of the election. The CEO of One America News, a writing outlet known for spreading conspiracy theories and hiring a prominent Peasgate conspiracy theory as a reporter, Tweeted With the outlet’s 1.2 million followers on Tuesday, “with all states that have been found to have illegal voting, it looks like not only Biden will be claimed as AP, but there is a possibility that GREAT @realDonaldTrump will be re-elected president. Will be confirmed as . “

False electoral claims are not limited to the Internet and the airwaves. At Saturday’s “Stop the Steel” rally organized by longtime Tea Party activists and anti-lockdown protesters, attendees cited similar stories, which were featured in Higgie’s Newsmax monologue, which claimed That were already factually investigated by local Michigan news outlets. Many people at the rally said they did not trust Fox News and when Fox called the election for Biden, Trump supporters were still chanting the crowd, “Four more years!” And “We Won!”

The fact that many Trump supporters do not trust the election results is hardly surprising, because the president “does not accept his supporters to accept the results if he does not win”, said Lewis, the wrong researcher.

He said that there are tensions within the right media about the story of how the striking media addressed the election results, or what went wrong.

“They haven’t really clicked into a clear narrative as quickly as the Trump media ecosystem,” she said.

The lack of a simple counter-narrative can be a part of the slow, drawn-out process of setting the actual election results. But it could also be a reaction to Trump, who is angrily tweeting, but largely out of public view. He said Trump does not “usually make an appearance visible”, which gives the writing media “a little less direction to go”.

“Both Fox News and Senate Republicans are trying to maneuver this difficult situation, where they don’t want to demoralize democracy so much, but at the same time they don’t want to lose the support of Trump supporters, who clearly and clearly Lewis is saying that he is a big fraud.


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