Meat and Tyson are stronger than Foods in Europe despite swine fever

America’s leading pork producer Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN) African swine fever, also known as ASF or “pig Ebola”, was confirmed to be Europe’s largest pork producer and exporter in Germany this morning. Plant Based Faux Meat Maker Beyond meat (NASDAQ: BYND) In afternoon trading, the rally with shares of up to about 6% joined.

According to POLITICO, Germany’s Agriculture Minister Julia Kalkner says the prestigious Frederick Löffler Institute has confirmed “the first case of African boar fever in pigs” in samples taken from a dead wild boar close to the border with Poland. The virus puts Germany’s 26 million-strong herds in a commercial flock of infection and risk, such as having previously destroyed China’s pig herds, besides calling Germany’s classification “ASF-free”.

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Although the case of Germany is not yet known to jump from wild pigs to commercial herds, South Korea has already banned imports from the country, according to a Reuters report. Klöckner commented on the German “already had contact with China [last] Night, “Uncovering the Importance of China’s Huge Pork Import Market.

An ASF outbreak in Germany could potentially give Tyson Foods an opportunity to boost its exports to China, possibly helping it recover from the effects of COVID-19. Beyond Meat, whose plant-based supply chain is completely immune to African swine fever, was already benefiting from its rival Impossible Foods early this morning after being reported to be under Chinese regulatory approval, while Shanghai beyond Is building production facilities in This, of course, also holds well for profit if the demand for meat substitutes exceeds the pork shortage from Germany.