McEnany tells CNN reporter to work at White House for details of health care plan

White House press secretary Kayle McNee did not provide details of a health care plan on Wednesday President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump says he doesn’t think he could have done more to stop the virus from spreading. Conservative activist Lauren Witzke made the GOP Senate in Delaware Trump preliminarily claim the coronovirus’s claim would disappear, ‘heretics Citing ‘mentality’. Promis had been working for months, telling a reporter that he should land a job at the White House to learn more about the proposal.

Administration officials faced questions at ABC News Town Hall the day after Trump said the vague health care plan he promised would be dating back to last year, “all ready.” But three administration health officials have testified that they were not involved in drafting the plan, and the mechanics would not specify who worked on the proposal.

“Here at the White House, we have a wide range of working people. There are some elements of it that have already come up,” she said, citing this year’s executive orders on telemedicine and drug pricing. “There will be many more.”

“Our domestic policy council and others are working on a health care plan,” she said.

When CNN’s Katelyn Collins pressured her for details, McInnie said she was not going to provide more information.

“I’m not going to read you about what our health care plan looks like and who’s working on it,” she said. “If you want to know, work here in the White House.”

Trump released the health care plan at several points during his presidency. He often talks vaguely of a comprehensive plan, but no such policy has arrived.

The president told “Fox News Sunday” in mid-July that he would sign a health care plan “within two weeks”. In August, he pushed forward the timeline within a month. Nevertheless, no plan has been revealed.

White House Chief of Staff Mark meadowsMark Randall MeadowsCNBC’s Kramer called Pelosi ‘crazy Nancy’ in live interview, makes COVID-19 under pressure Pelosi defends not to talk to Trump for almost a year On Wednesday, told reporters that the plan would be unveiled before Election Day, but details on the substance would not be provided again.

“I can tell you that [Trump] That’s right, it’s ready. We are not only tweaking but amending that law.