McEnany can’t say why the FBI’s creation in the coronovirus incentive bill

“So, it was part of the president’s priority to update the FBI building, put the president in D.C., and that’s one of the things that is mentioned in this bill and it’s part of one of the president’s priorities and it’s Has been a priority for several months, ”she said during an appearance on CBS News.

Asked what that provision was in the coronovirus bill, McInnie could not say, but said “this is not a deal.”

President Donald Trump later said on Wednesday that a new FBI building had been in the works “for several years”, and he thought it was “crazy” that they would consider relocating it to the suburbs of Virginia or Maryland.

“I’m very good at real estate, so I said we would build a new FBI building, either existing or even better, we would get a new building. So we should have that in the bill.” Stay, ”Trump told reporters at the White House before departing for Texas.

The funding has been opposed by Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, despite the fact that the Senate GOP stimulus proposal was formally unveiled on Monday.

Pressed during funding by a reporter on Tuesday, McConnell responded by saying that he expects nothing directly related to Kovid-19 will be removed before a new relief measure comes into force.

Kentucky Republicans did not know of the FBI provision in the bill, but then moments later the White House said it “insisted on being included.”

Several Senate Republicans said they opposed the funding and included administration officials during their private lunches on Tuesday, with members arguing that they were also unrelated to coronaviruses.

Asked by CNN’s Katelyn Collins about the fact that Republicans don’t want it in the bill, Trump said: “So Republicans should go back to school and learn. We need a new building.”

McEnany said the president’s priority is unemployment benefits, not FBI building funding.

“Well, it’s in the bill, the president clarified that this is what he wants to see. This is not a deal breaker, according to the president what unemployment benefit is a priority and it’s the ultimate priority,” he said on Wednesday, Saying that the president “worked hard” to cut payroll tax and increase unemployment benefits is “paramount”.

Democrats have long accused Trump’s interest in the FBI building – which sits across from the Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC – are financial.

In 2018, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee wrote in a letter that Trump had a clear interest in the FBI assets being developed before becoming president. After becoming president and he was not allowed to invest in the project, he became interested in ensuring that no other developer could buy the property, convert it and compete with the Trump Hotel, Democrats Is charged.
“Years before he became president, Donald Trump had expressed interest in the FBI headquarters moving out of Washington, D.C., so he could acquire land on Pennsylvania Avenue and redevelop the property, which is directly related to the Trump International Hotel Se is across the street. However. After being sworn in as president – and disqualified as a federal employee to obtain property – he allegedly became a ‘dead protest’ for the government selling the property, Which would have allowed commercial developers to compete directly with the Trump Hotel, ”the Democrats wrote in their October 2018 letter to General Services Administrator Emily Murphy.

CNN’s Claire Foran, Ted Barrett and Lauren Fox contributed to this report.


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