McConnell warns Senate control that ‘can go either way’ in November

Senate Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mich.) Michelle McConnellTeachers Union launched a 0K advertisement to finance education in the relief bill. No signs of success for stalled coronavirus talks State aid emerges as major hurdle to revive COVID-19 talks (R-Ky.) Warned on Tuesday that he felt it would be “difficult” to control the majority.

During an interview with Fox News, asking how he would obstruct the Senate fight, he said, “I’ll tell you that this is a tough fight. It can go on either way.”

McConnell said there are about eight Senate races that she would “compare to a knife fight in an alleyway. They are tough challenges.”

“It was always going to be a difficult cycle for us,” he said, “there is a lot of risk around the country.”

McConnell did not name the states he sees as battleground races. But Arizona and Colorado, where the GOP censored. Martha McSallyMartha Elizabeth McSallyCoronavirus Key to Deal for Republicans Defending Senate Majority From a Republican donor to a Senate GOP: Hillikan Valley removing voters or eliminating risk: Facebook banned ads from Trump supporter PAC. Uber reports big decline in revenue | US offers M reward for election interference information And Corey GardnerCory Scott GardnerSenators call for EU tariffs to be removed on food, wine, spirits: key to merchants protecting Republican Senate majority to deal coronavirus. From a Republican donor to Senate GOP: Remove marriage penalties or isolate voters Take the risk of Are on the ballot, tilted towards Democrats as ranked by political handicaps. Meanwhile, Senate fights in Georgia, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina and Montana, all organized by Republicans, are seen as a toss-up race.

Republicans are still in favor of winning a Senate seat in Alabama, where Sen. Doug Jones (D) is running for a full six-year term.

Republicans won a majority in 2014 and currently have a margin of 53–47 in the Senate. If the Democrats win the White House, they need only a net gain of three seats to control the chamber, as the Vice President may break the 50-50 tie. They would need a net gain of four seats to achieve an equal majority.

Republicans have indicated increasing alarm about their prospects amid negative elections for a majority President TrumpThe Donald John Trumpeteers Union has called for funding education in the relief bill, launching an advertisement of 0. FDA Head Pledges We Will ‘Not Cut Corners’ On Coronovirus Vaccine Let Our Values ​​Run COVID-19 Liability Protection And several GOP candidates in major races. Adding further uncertainty to the November election is the spread of coronavirus and a rocky economy in which millions of Americans are unemployed.

Republicans caught a break last week when Rep. Roger Marshall defeated former Governor Nominee Krissch Kobach for the Republican Senate nomination in Kansas. Republicans had feared that Kobach would risk his ability to capture the seat to win the party’s nomination, with GOP Sen currently retiring. Pat robertsCharles (Pat) Patrick Roberts goes hand in hand over McConnell Coronovirus relief bill Hill’s campaign report: COVID-19 puts convention in flux Hill’s morning report – submitted by Air Line Pilots Association – virus bill likely to pass this week Is notDuring the general election.

McConnell, the day after the GOP primary, did not back down from celebrating the result, telling reporters at the time that it “turned out really well.”