McConnell proposes to Schumer that Trump impeachment trial begin in February

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is proposing to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to delay the start of former President Trump’s impeachment trial until February, several sources associated with the plan tell CBS News. McConnell confirmed his proposal in a statement late Thursday.

It would take at least a week for the impeachment managers and Mr. Trump’s defense to be ready. McConnell sent the proposal to GOP senators on a caucus conference call on Thursday. McConnell, now in the minority, does not finalize when the trial will take place. Schumer would have to agree to the proposal.

McConnell told reporters late Thursday that he had not yet heard back from Schumer on his proposal, adding that “we will continue to talk about it.”

“Senate Republicans firmly unite behind the principle that the Senate institution, the office of the presidency, and former President Trump themselves all deserve a complete and fair process that respects their rights and serious factual, legal and constitutional questions. Is., “McConnell said in his statement. “Given the unprecedented pace of the House process, our proposed timeframe for the initial stages includes a modest and reasonable amount of additional time for both parties to present their arguments before the Senate.”

Under McConnell’s proposed timeline, the managers of the House impeachment read the article to the Senate and would be sworn into the court of impeachment on Thursday, January 28. From that day on, Mr. Trump will have a week to respond to the article and the House’s pre-trial brief, which means February 4. Mr. Trump will then have a week when he will also submit his answer. Trial Brief, meaning February 11. The House has to submit its pre-refusal trial brief two days later (13 February).

House not yet sent single Writ of impeachment for insuring For the Senate.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham praised McConnell’s proposal to delay the trial in February and said he met with McConnell on Thursday.

“We historically looked into the pre-trial period. The difference is that the House didn’t really have any input, it was a impeachment. But when you look at the time period involved, it’s similar to what we’ve done in the past ., “Graham told reporters.

Graham confirmed that lawyer Butch Bowers is joining the Trump legal team as an “anchor tenant”. Graham praised Butcher as a “solid man”. The South Carolina senator said he had no idea that Mr. Trump would attend the trial, but recommended that he should not.

“The president seems to be behind it,” Graham said. “It’s unconstitutional and hurts his presidency, but you know, he’s’ having his day in court and that’s how the system works.”

The House impeached Mr. Trump last week on January 13, with 10 Republican Democrats attending.

Senators are currently scheduled to work from their states during the week of February 15 for President’s Day, possibly complicating the timeline.

At the moment, the Senate is also working to confirm President Joe Biden’s nominees. Democratic Senator Chris Coons told CNN that Democrats may be open to a slight delay in the trial if progress is made in confirming Democrats.

“I think Democrats would be open to considering a delay that allows former President Trump to assemble his own legal team and his defense for impeachment trials if we are very talented, experienced and diverse team president Joe Jane Nominating Leiden is progressing to serve in his cabinet, ”said Const.

McConnell has not publicly stated whether he supports or opposes impeachment, although he has said that the mob that attacked the Capitol was “instigated by the president.”


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