McConnell points to next coronavirus package after July recess

In a letter sent to McConnell Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) and President Nancy Pelosi (Democrat of California) accused Republicans of being “missing in action” when it comes to coronaviruses. . In recent weeks, both the House and the Senate have focused attention on police reform after the police assassination of George Floyd and waves of protests across the country over racial injustice.

Senate Republicans have dismissed calls for immediate additional legislation after Congress spent $ 3 trillion in three months, one of the largest economic recovery efforts on record. Republicans also contend that much of the money in the $ 3 trillion package has yet to be spent.

Many lawmakers from both parties believed, and hoped, that the economy would recover on its own as soon as states began to relax their restrictions on business. But the gradual reopening in some parts of the country, by contrast, has spurred yet another increase in cases, creating greater financial uncertainty in states like Texas and Florida.

Imminent deadlines to increase unemployment benefits and provisions that protect residents from evictions increase pressure on the Senate to reach a quick settlement when it returns. And McConnell made it clear Tuesday that the Senate will depart for his recess scheduled for August.

“We will stay on the schedule that I announced earlier this year, which means we will not be here in August,” McConnell said.

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