McConnell called Trump ‘a mistake’ to include FBI headquarters money in next coronovirus aid bill

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., Told “The Story” on Wednesday night that it would be “a mistake” to include funding for a new FBI headquarters building in the next round of coronovirus relief legislation after President Trump. Who protested. The idea “should go back to school.”

McConnell, however, reminded host Martha McClum, “In the Democratic bill in the House, they have received tax cuts for rich people in blue states. It does not belong to COVID-19.”

McConnell was referring to a provision in the House-Pass Horro Act that calls for the reinstatement of state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

Physical conference to prevent various contraversions of the coronary railway station

“I think whatever we end up agreeing on, all of these items – whether it’s the FBI building, whether its blue states have tax cuts for high-income people – should come out,” he insisted. That “the bill should be narrowly tailored to deal only with coronoviruses.”

Despite Trump’s opposition to FBI headquarters, McConnell said he is “consulting with the White House and trying to get on as many pages as we can.”

Lawmakers have begun negotiating the terms of the new stimulus package, just days before Americans have lost their increased unemployment benefits from the federal government and for many, their rent will be payable.

TRUMP calls GOP coronavirus prospectal ‘SEMI-IRRELEVANT’ away from deal appeals

Democrats have said that the $ 1 trillion GOP proposal, which is also controversial within the Republican caucus and which President Trump called “semi-irrelevant” on Tuesday evening, is not nearly enough. But McConnell accused Democrats of not stepping on the table to negotiate a “serious” proposal.

“They want to spend $ 3 trillion, which is already double the national debt in March and April,” he said. “It’s a difference of $ 2 trillion, it’s not a small amount.”

McConnell said Democrats are also reluctant to agree to liability protections that would protect businesses, hospitals, doctors, universities and teachers from “an epidemic of lawsuits on the heels of an epidemic.”

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He said, “Not all fingers are pointing.” “We need to sit down and see what we can and can do and I think unemployment is ending at the end of the week, an incentive for both sides to come together behind something , Either a small package, as the president suggested was a possibility, or to get serious about doing something more important.

“The public is interested in an outcome here and a bipartisan agreement is the only way to get an outcome.”

Fox News’ Tyler Olsen and Morgan Phillips contributed to this report.


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