McConnell: Biden takes several big steps in the wrong direction on Day One

Just one day after President Biden spoke of unity for the nation in his inaugural speech, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the Democrat president has headed “in the wrong direction”.

Speaking from the Senate floor on Thursday, the Kentucky Republican condemned several executive actions Biden took his first day in office, including the cancellation of a major permit for Keystone Pipeline XL, rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement And included the removal of Trump-appointed general counsel for National. Labor Relations Board.

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“On the first day the Biden administration took several big steps in the wrong direction,” McConnell said, time for Biden to “remember that he does not leave his election to the left.”

The Republic has taken issue with the Paris Climate Agreement, an international agreement incorporated by around 200 countries with the intention of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reversing human impacts on climate change.

But GOP officials claim the settlement – which almost immediately ousted the US after President Trump took office in 2017 – would affect manufacturing jobs and not unfairly hold the US to the environmental standard met by China or India Will be able to

McConnell, along with other congressional GOP members, have similarly decided to kill Keystone People XL with Biden’s decision.

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Environmentalists and Native American tribes have taken issue with the 1,200-mile pipeline since 2004, as it draws oil from tar sands and crosses tribal territory.

Conservatives believe that the move will negatively impact employment in the region as well as the oil and gas industry.

Biden’s Climate-Ahead Initiative shows that his administration will focus on tackling climate change in the United States and policy changes targeting environmentally conscious strategies.

But McConnell reminded Biden and the slim Democratic Senate majority that Americans voted to have a divided Senate with more than 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, which means Republicans intend to challenge policies they believe. That their components will have a negative impact.

“If and when our Democratic friends depart from common sense, when they retreat from common ground, when their proposals will harm the common good – then we will use the power that the American people have to push us to do right “The minority leader said from the floor

Some congressional Democrats have discussed removing the filibuster, a move McConnell urged senators to reconsider. Placing the film tool as a political tool means Democrats must receive at least 10 Republican votes, which may pass through the Upper House – a challenge that may prove difficult with a liberal agenda .

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McConnell said, “The president can stop his administration on the creation of good-paying American jobs, not to sacrifice the livelihood of our people.”

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