McCarthy asks GOP to stop attacking each other: ‘cut out the trap’

According to two sources on the call, McCarthy told his members, “Cut it out.” McCarthy said he had personal discussions with individual members and warned that the GOP versus GOP fight would only benefit Democrats as his party aims to capture a majority in the mid-term next year.

“No more attacks on each other,” he said on Twitter.

A GOP jurist, who asked not to be named, said McCarthy’s message was overall upbeat and hopeful. “He said that the only thing that could prevent us from taking a majority.”

The internal attacks have been relentless in recent times, as most of the convention has been with Trump, while others have split from former presidents, including Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, No. 3 Republican, and nine of her colleagues who have Trump Voted to dislike. Charged with inciting a rebellion, which led to a fatal Capitol riot on 6 January. Trump’s defenders at the conference are trying to oust Cheney from his leadership position, while Cheney’s supporters believe he can back out of the effort, though the subject was not, according to sources aware of the case. Wednesday’s call surface.

Most House Republicans remain silent on the violent Marjorie Taylor Green comments as Democrats condemn her

The call, which was hosted by the National Republican Congressional Committee, aimed to ensure that members raised funds to win back the majority, with GOP members pledging more than $ 2 million to the party campaign committee.

Sources are quoted as saying that Republicans have committed to filling the NRCC coffers, including the controversial new man. Marjorie Taylor Green. Sources said the Georgia Republican promised to pay his dues and transfer $ 175,000 to the NRCC, which thanked him for the committee’s chairman, Minnesota Rep. Tom Emer.

Green himself is engaged in a Twitter war with a fellow House Republican, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who has warned his party not to follow his brand of politics. CNN reported on Tuesday that Green indicated support to support prominent Democratic politicians in Congress before being elected to Congress in 2018 and 2019, which has supported lawmakers, including Kinzinger.

But McCarthy is eager to keep those controversies private. A spokesman for the GOP leader did not respond to a request for comment.

During the call, lawmakers also discussed other matters – including the decision by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to place a metal detector some distance from the floor of the House, which angered many Republicans. North Carolina Representative. Richard Hudson urged his colleagues not to create scenes from the floor and in the presence of reporters – and instead internally channel their objections so that they could work to modify the system, sources said.

McCarthy is scheduled to meet with Trump on Thursday, CNN confirmed. The meeting was first reported by Punchbone News.


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