McCaini quiet on report of positive coronovirus test in White House

White House press secretary Kayle McNee refused to confirm or refute reports that several White House staffers tested positive for coronovirus.

“Have any recent White House staff members tested positive for coronavirus?” Fox News’ John Roberts asked Macheny at a news briefing on Wednesday.

“I don’t share people’s personal medical information,” McKenney said.

TRUMP said that it is ready to reduce the spread of coronavirus

Roberts noted that McAnenie had addressed in the past when staff members tested positive for the virus. “Why change?” He asked.

“I have seen reporting there but again I am not here to give personal identification to people. In the past when I discussed a case, unfortunately, that person’s name was leaked to the media, ”the press secretary replied.

The White House press pool was reportedly informed that several staff members tested positive Wednesday for contagion. Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was asked about the report on Wednesday and declined to comment.

The report comes a day after President Trump signed a historic Middle East peace deal with three world leaders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and foreign ministers of both the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain were present to sign two deals – one between Israel and Bahrain and one between Israel and the UAE. Trump signed as a witness.

On the trophy result, he was sent to ‘Joe is closed’

Trump was also in Philadelphia on Tuesday night for the ABC Town Hall at the National Constitution Center.

McEnany was asked about the president’s remarks on the principle of “herd mentality,” meaning “herd immunity”. He clarified that herd immunity has been “never a strategy” in the White House.

“Our strategy is to get a vaccine,” she said confidently that it would be approved and would be “widely available” before the end of the year.

Trump told ABC’s George Stephanopolous on Tuesday that coronoviruses would “go away without vaccines over time …”.

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“You’ll develop, like, a herd mentality,” Trump said.