Maya Hawke says that she was forced out of school as a child ‘for not being able to read.’

Maya Hakke had a difficult journey at school as a child.

During a recent interview with NPR, the 22-year-old “Stranger Things” star – also the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – delved into her experience with dyslexia.

While it was “deeply difficult” to live with the disease of learning, Hawk also considers it “one of the great blessings” [her] Life in many ways. ”

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“But I got, like, when I was a kid, kicked out of school for not being able to read,” the “By Myself” singer confessed. “And I went to a special school for children with disabilities.”

Singer-actress Maya Hawke, daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, said she was ‘kicked out of school’ after battling dyslexia. (Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Image)

He said: “And it took me a long time to learn to read, and I’m still limited.”

These days, however, there are “so many options” that have helped her put her dyslexia to good use.

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“There are a few things about which there was a limitation regarding my ability to produce and pick up stories, which made me more determined to love them and understand them and grow in them,” Hawke said.

The star said she faced “bullying” when her classmates would learn about her struggle to read, but explained that her famous “parents did an encouraging job” [her] To be creative. ”

Star has been busy making music with her family by tapping into that creativity.

Back in March, Hawk shared a video of the song with his father, along with sisters Clementine and Indiana. They were all with his brother Levon.

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The family performed “Too Live Is to Fly” by folk musician Towne Van Zandt.

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