Maxley asked supporters to ‘feed for fasting’ and donate to his campaign –

Maxley asked supporters to ‘feed for fasting’ and donate to his campaign

Sen Martha McSallyMartha Elizabeth McSallyDemocrats offer an emotional call to end gun violence on the third night of the conference. Trump Seeks Boost In Arizona Seeking Conference Speed ​​By Focusing On Immigration Gun Control Groups (R-Ariz.) Asked his supporters to “eat quickly” to his supporters and donated them for their retry during a recent campaign.

The Republican senator, who faces a major challenge from Democratic rival Mark Kelly, made the remarks on Friday during an event in northern Arizona, according to an audio recording obtained by Outlet Arizona’s family.

“We’re holding our share, you know, to get our message out. But it takes resources, ”McSally said. “So, anyone can give, I’m not ashamed to ask, to invest. If you can give one dollar, five dollars, if you can fast one meal and give that which will happen.”

The comment sparked online critics, causing the senator to trend on Twitter on Saturday morning with around 30,000 tweets.

Singer-songwriter and writer Holly Figueiro O’Reilly called McSally’s remarks “sick”.

“There are literally people sitting in their cars in food bank lines all night to get a small box of food to feed their entire families for one night,” she wrote. “Martha McSally wants you to skip some food so she can win her Senate seat.”

Comedian and radio show host Dean Obedilla called it a “selfishness defining Trumpism”.

The Lincoln Project, a Republican super PAC targeting Maxley and other GOP senators, simply wrote: “Yikes”.

Maxley’s campaign dismissed the criticism in a statement to local media outlets.

A spokesperson for the campaign on the part of Age Family said, “This is a non-story about a candidate making fun of him on the stump,”.

Campaign spokesperson Caroline Endereg told The Arizona Republic that McSally “gave her shirt back to literally anyone”, accusing the Democrats and Kelly of campaigning to launch a “misleading character assassination”.

The spokesperson retracted the criticisms on Twitter, saying, “Martha has written checks to people in her block who cannot afford her groceries.”

McSally is one of the weakest GOP Senate Incumbents facing this year’s reelection. He is currently the only GOP Senate to seek his seat. “Lean Democrat” column of Cook’s Political Report.

He already has a history of losing a statewide race. A former representative of Arizona’s 2 District, Maxley was defeated by Democrat Kirsten Sinima in the 2018 state general race. The week after that loss, he was appointed by the government. Dag daisyDoug DuceyState, Local Republican Advocates Vote for Mail-In, Even Trump Is Against Healthcare Care: Fauci says he does not see America COVID-19 Vaccine | WHO warns against ‘nationalism’ in coronovirus fight Trump promotes in Arizona by focusing on immigration and more (R) To serve the remaining Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCain Will Remember Us From 2020 Biden Conference Trump Knocks down McCain, ‘Deadheads’ Who Demolished’ Lindsey Graham ‘Campaign Inside, Lindsey Graham praised Jill Biden:’ Outstanding PersonWord of (R-Ariz.) Verse.

Virtually every recent public survey featured the GOP as a former astronaut and US Navy captain, Kelly Trailing.

Kelly started the general election battle with about $ 24 million in hand, more than double that of McSally.


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